Denver Startup Week is back again this September 24 with more than 350 programs focusing on finance, retail and community building through workshops, speakers, panels and of course, some high-stakes competitions. This includes the pitch challenge, where six finalists have the chance to win $100,000 in prizes by harnessing all of their entrepreneurial energy to present one winning pitch to a panel of judges. The pitch challenge has been putting local go-getters to the test for three seasons and this year’s competition lineup is stacked. Check out the companies vying for their shot at the prize:


What they do: Auction Draft is a browser-based web application that allows players to run their league from any device. From full season to auction draft and five-week mini-seasons, the application allows users to engage with their draft at any time, in one concise space.


What they do: Brainitz allows teachers to take recorded video-lessons and embed questions throughout the videos. The videos have the capability of presenting questions to students, pausing and going back if there’s a missed answer and reteaching the material if needed.

Citizn Company

What they do: Citizn Company believes that you should know what you’re signing. By analyzing contracts and legal documents its team not only grades legal documents but helps you to understand the fine print.

Clean Robotics

What they do: Clean Robotics created a machine named the trash bot — an advanced robotic system that sorts recyclables from waste at the point of disposal. The products aim is to eliminate the confusion of recycling rules for users and improve accurate disposal.


What they do: CLIMATENZA is a solar thermal company using solar thermal parabolic trough power plants to reduce the levelized cost of electricity, improve thermal efficiency and make solar energy accessible 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Gord Compression

What they do: Gord Compression’s goal is to form a more accessible and friendly form of medical compression for those suffering from Pots disease. A known symptom of this ailment is the lack of blood flow to the extremities. Doug Gord is attacking this issue by creating compression garments that stimulate blood flow.

House of Pod

What they do: House of Pod is a place for podcasts to begin, grow and live. By offering a space for the community to create, record and take their content live — House of Pod aims to produce, collaborate and educate in the world of podcasting.


What they do: When a refugee flees their home for safety, they often leave behind a lifetime of savings and belongings. Because of this refugees have become a financially excluded group, making it difficult for them to rebuild lives, find jobs and survive in a new environment. Leaf is addressing this monetary gap by creating financial services beyond the bank branch. Their application offers a secure virtual currency that can be traded within camps, invested and leveraged to create a credit history.


What they do: Nanno’s aim is to provide capable, responsible individuals for parents in need of a sitter. With an easy to access mobile application parents can search and book sitters, quickly, with the comfort of knowing that whoever they’re requesting has undergone background checks and identity verification.


What they do: Nulern is a platform for users to watch live videos and learn an array of skills from art to music and cooking from experts around the world.


What they do: PocketChange allows users to give instantaneously to the cause of their choice with the click of a button. It’s essentially a “like” button, much like you would find on Facebook, that offers scrollers the chance to click and instantly donate to a cause that’s grabbing their attention.

Sana Packaging

What they do: Sana Packing designs and develops hemp plastic packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. By using 100 percent plant-based and chemical free material its aim is to use packaging to help regenerate the environment, rather than harming it.

Sheets and Giggles

What they do: Sheets and Giggles produces sheets that they believe are the softest on the market. The sheets are 400-thread count sateen and boast a static-free, moisture-wicking sleep experience.


What they do: STOW IT helps connect users with extra space near them to store their vehicle. By utilizing extra space in the community this team connects those who need storage with those who have it.


What they do: Stackhouse is a company utilizing shipping containers to make “cost-effective, eco-friendly, and easily transportable housing solutions.” The customizable houses are meant to be an alternative to the ever-increasing cost of urban living.

The Hopper

What they do: The Hopper is an interactive eatery for dining and playing. Located in Boulder, it’s a gathering space and offers families the chance to engage in brain-growing activities while also fueling their bodies

To Market

What they do: One problem has plagued chefs from across Colorado — how to maintain and retain consistency when it comes to their food orders. To Market, created by long-time chef ‘Moose,’ is a platform to manage and communicate culinary orders from chef to farmer. This application acts as a middleman between the restaurant and the source, making it simpler for chef’s across Colorado to get the products they need and in turn, easier for diners to get the meal they’ve ordered.


What they do: Apphodge, or “Untapp” as listed on the Denver Startup Week site, is a new app building platform and e-commerce site. The platform makes creating an app user-friendly and fast.


What they do: Upsuite connects teams with coworking spaces that suit them. By understanding the co-working options in the area, Upsuite is able to connect individuals with a shared space that best fits them.

Who’s on Tap

What they do: Who’s on Tap provides bar owners and managers with an easy to use and transparent way to connect with on-the-spot assistance. The application connects vetted and skilled bar freelancers in the industry with establishments that need the help.

To register for the pitch competition go here. To view the pitch challenge handbook go here. To vote on your favorite contestant go here.