Denver Fashion Week Presents The Kids & Teen Show

Get ready for an explosion of vibrant colors, playful graphics and trendsetting styles as Denver Fashion Week (DFW) showcases the upcoming talented designers presenting at DFW’s Kids & Teen show. 

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The night will showcase the incredible talent of six talented designers, Made by Maysi, Factory Fashion, Dragonwing, Anton LaRosa, Peach & Penny, and Stoked LA, each presenting their latest collections. Prepare to be mesmerized by their unique visions and exceptional craftsmanship.

Made by Maysi 

Photo Courtesy of Made by Maysi
Photo Courtesy of Made by Maysi

Maysi Hamwi, the stylist behind Made by Maysi, describes her collection as embodying a rebellious yet playful spirit, while skillfully blending elements of punk and grunge with a youthful twist. We can anticipate an abundance of contrasting prints, layers, and a predominantly bold color palette featuring black, red and white. 

Hamwi expresses her desire to inspire individualism and creativity through her designs. Despite the darker associations typically linked to punk and grunge, she aims for her collection to exude a sense of fun and to leave a lasting impression on the audience. 

“I want to inspire individualism and creativity,” Hamwi said. “Although the punk and grunge scenes have a darker association, I want the collection to be fun and leave people with a sense of empowerment and freedom.” 

This collection serves as a testament to Hamwi’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of youth fashion and embracing the celebration of unique personalities within the fashion world.

Factory Fashion

Photo Courtesy of Tony Gallagher

Skye Barker Maa not only owns a variety of youth centered businesses like music and theater programs but has a significant influence in youth fashion through Factory Fashion.

This coming show, Factory Fashion will be showcasing a variety of looks that include both original works from her SKYE|AIRE label and upcycled sustainable garments.

“We have something interesting up our sleeve for this show that celebrates youth and the power of their voice,” Barker Maa said.“We hope to remind students of their strength and ability to affect change. It will be less cute and communicate vision and hope,” 

With the theme of this collection “Power, Voice and Strength,” Factory Fashion will be introducing labels and designers of Benson and Reign, who will be showing five looks under their own “label” and segment. 

“Benson and Reign is a duo of youth designers ages 10 and 11 that is showing under the Factory Fashion banner for the second time,” she said. “They are maturing and so are their designs.”

Barker Maa’s passion truly lies in her love for working with students and watching their creativity grow as they start to realize what they are capable of. Barker Maa described it as fun and energizing. Like other designers, Barker Maa will take a different approach to children’s fashion this season. 

“I hope to communicate a little Rock and Roll beauty that inspires bravery, resilience, and a sense of personal power,” Barker Maa said. 

Barker Maa loves kids and teen fashion because there are no boundaries and the possibilities are endless especially when it comes to mixing and matching patterns.

“I love the reckless abandon of it and hope to capture some of that essence along with communicating a style,” Barker Maa said.

In the fall Barker Maa will launch a full youth-teen collection through her private label, SKYE|AIRE, which is also manufactured at Factory Fashion. The collection will be called SKYE|HEIR and include her own designs as well as design partnerships with young designers of all ages.


Photo Courtesy of Dragonwing

Dragonwing, owned by Allison Herman and her husband Steve Sluty, was born from Herman’s intense dedication to crafting outstanding athletic wear.

Inspired by the vibrant and eclectic spirit of the early 90s, Dragonwing’s newest and upcoming collection draws heavily from that era’s funky patterns, bold colors, and a carefree attitude.

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“People can expect to see a fusion of retro elements with a modern twist,” Herman said. “Think oversized silhouettes, neon hues, and playful prints reminiscent of the 90’s street style scene. Our collection will exude an air of nostalgia while still feeling fresh and relevant.”

This Fashion Week, Herman will debut graffiti-inspired graphics, acid wash denim and fun 90s accessories. 

“For the first Fashion Week ever, we are combining our activewear with streetwear,” she said. “We are super excited for this trend to immerse.”

Dragonwing hopes that children and parents will feel joy when they see and wear her designs. Herman’s goal is to provide the same excitement and self-expression that defined 90s fashion.

In the future, Dragonwing plans to expand the kids and teen brand by introducing new collections that will continue to push boundaries and defy expectations.

”We’re also exploring collaborations with artists and designers to further elevate our brand and reach new audiences,” Herman said.

Anton LaRosa 

Photo Courtesy of Robins Photography

Andrew Kolczynski, the designer behind Anton LaRosa, is making his kids and teen’s high fashion debut this season. The inspiration comes from participating in the Red Ball Fashion show and having the opportunity to design a dress for a kid model — his first ever kid garment.

Throughout his couture collection, expect to see a lot of “shiny fabric and graceful walks of the models,”  Kolxzynski said. 

The color motifs for the collection are black and red, symbolizing passion and elegance. Kolxzynski,’s favorite piece, a shimmery stretch fabric bodysuit, will be unveiled at the show, offering a glimpse of the unique and stunning designs. 

“You’ll just have to be at the show to see for yourself,” he said.

With a focus on making kids feel good and happy in their outfits and wanting parents to feel proud, Kolczynski’s designs are carefully crafted and tailored for each model. Steering away from trends, Kolczynski prefers to create from his own inner inspiration, emphasizing his commitment to originality. 

“I try not to follow trends — I like to create from within,” he said. 

This will be a new milestone for the designer as he brings his vision into the world of kid’s fashion. 

Stoked LA

Photo by SOULSTORY Photos

Designer of Stoked LA, Leah Sullivan, draws inspiration from her previous DFW collection, embracing bright colors, lightning bolts, stars, smiley faces, and more. While some of the designs will mirror the original hot pink and light blue Lightning Smiley Hoodies, others will be unique to her first ever kids collection. 

The collection will include a variety of sweatsuits, with individual loungewear pieces like sweatshirts and sweatpants and matching sets. Sullivan is particularly eager to show the finale look. 

Sullivan’s primary goal is to make sure kids feel comfortable while also bringing some spunk onto the runway.

“I hope the colors and fun graphics make the kids excited to wear the pieces and bring joy to others who see the clothes out and about,” Sullivan said. 

Stoked LA has always embraced the motto “Look as good as you feel,” this can also be said for Sullivan’s kid’s collection. 

“It’s important for the kids to be able to embrace themselves, wear what they want while feeling comfortable (in all ways),” she said. 

Sullivan believes there is a lack in the kid’s fashion world. 

“Where is that balance for the not quite toddlers to not quite teenagers who want to be trendy but still young and fun?” Sullivan said. “Let the kids have fun and be creative with their looks while still being clean and put together and comfortable.” 

Excitingly, Stoked LA Kids will have a limited supply and preorders will be available for popular designs following Fashion Week. 

Peach & Penny

Photo Courtesy of Peach & Penny

Designer, Katie Andelman owner of Peach & Penny curates “couture ethically hand sewn frocks for young fashionistas.” 

Her designs portray confidence and beauty with lots of pink and delicate fabrics —  perfect for a kids and teens collection. 

On top of being an amazing designer and skilled photographer, Andelman is also a modeling coach, specializing in preparing models for commercial photo shoots and runway appearances. She also teaches invaluable lessons in confidence, poise, and navigating the intricacies of the modeling business.

Her latest collection will sure to be a show stopper.

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