Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series.

Just because the summer season is ending does not mean that there are no new incredible things coming into this world. Between the start of fall, football season, the fact that we are moving away from the blistering hot summer temperatures and these amazing new tunes for your ears, there is still plenty to look forward to in the coming months.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Red Moon Rounder

Listen if you like Nathaniel Rateliff

Red Moon Rounder is a relatively young band coming out of Colorado Springs who musically embody the hustle and grind of working towards success in the west. Their songs will all have you tapping your foot with the beat and nodding your head with the harmonica solos. They just released their debut self-titled EP and it is obvious that they have the energy needed to continue to grow. Check out their website for more info.

The Party People

Listen if you like LMFAO

This Denver trio comes together to deliver multi-genre songs that, as their name suggests, makes you want to party. Blending retro hip-hop, modern synths, funk jazz and blues, The Party People do an amazing job of confusing listeners about which decade it is, often changing during the song.

Tre O’Neal

Listen if you like Khalid

Denver’s Tre O’Neal is on the cusp of his big break. He just released his second EP and is beginning to gain recognition outside of the state. His smooth soulful flow is one that can captivate listeners whether or not they are fans of R&B.

21 Taras

Listen if you like Weezer

If you were looking for a band to bring you back to the 2000s when rock was gritty and in your face 21 Taras is exactly what you were looking for. With their new album “Change” hot off the press, 21 Taras has the energy and talent to not only light up a room with their sound, but set the whole place on fire.

A Brother’s Fountain

Listen if you like The Oh Hellos

Hailing from the street corners of old town Fort Collins, folk group A Brother’s Fountain puts their own twist on folk music using six incredibly talented musicians on any number of instruments. Blending their vocals just as effortlessly as they blend their instruments, the members of A Brother’s Fountain play in a manner that is incredibly infectious.

Five New Local Songs

Instant Empire – “Little Lives”

Listen if you like Muse

Denver indie-rock group Instant Empire’s newest single from their 12×12 series is one that hails from emotions deep within the band and resonates with listeners. Little Lives’ lyrics will have listeners considering one’s own insecurities while the melody will bring back that smile.

Bison Bone – “Cryin Shame”

Listen if you like Sturgill Simpson

Bison Bone’s new single Crying Shame is exactly what Americana rock should sound like. It has plenty of soul and with the deep hearty vocals it feels like the singer truly knows the pain of what the song describes. Couple that with the strong guitar riff and you’ve got yourself a song to listen to at least three times a day.

Ramond – “Weeds”

Listen if you like Joey Purp

Denver’s Ramond released his most recent single on the heels of his European Tour announcement. “Weeds” is simply a good rap song. Ramond’s flow combined with the playful beat creates a song that is easy to listen to with thought-provoking lyrics about the industry.

Hunter James – “The Wind Blowing Through This Town”

Listen if you like Lady Antebellum 

This upbeat love song has the lyrics and rhythm that make it hard not to sing along with the lead singer, Hunter James. Denver artist Kdubbs is working with James on this project and hearing the two of them sing together really helps the songs to pop as they harmonize together so flawlessly. 

Maddy O’Neal – “Light In Your Eyes” (feat. Manic Focus)

Listen if you like GRiZ

“Light in Your Eyes” is an example of what’s so exciting about the Denver music scene right now. Maddy O’Neal and Manic Focus combine forces on this song to put together an incredibly creative blend of electronic and live sounds that, when combined with O’Neal’s vocals make a song that is undeniably catchy from the very first words.

Five New Local Music Videos

Nightlove – “San Antone”

Listen if you like Smallpools

Nightlove’s new music video for their song “San Antone” shows the power of teamwork when it comes to defeating your enemies, whether they be emotional enemies or real-life vampires. The playful story of the video contrasts the emotional lyrics and melody of the song to create a fun little balance.

GV Grace – “Mai Love”

Listen if you like Lorde

GV Grace’s video for “Mai Love” is an artistic take on having fun with the little things. Watch as she dances around her room, learning how to enjoy being with just herself while going through the emotional story of the song.

All Those Who Wander – “Tim Richman”

Listen if you like Elephant Revival

Two-piece folk-alternative group All Those Who Wander’s most recent video for their song “Tim Richman” takes viewers on a journey through life, love and loss. A perfect video as we head into the fall season as it touches on the pain of loss but the power that comes with moving on and knowing that those we love will always be with us.

Verses The Inevitable – “Mangrove”

Listen if you like Jason Isbell

The video for “Mangrove,” by Verses The Incredible displays the band’s intimate performance at Syntax Physic Opera. The video makes the viewer feel as though they are at the performance themselves and it is difficult to not feel emotionally sucked into the venue while the group pours themselves into the music onstage.

itchy-O – “Black Mist”

Listen if you like Ministry

Like most great art, the meaning behind the video for itchy-O’s Black Mist can only be determined by the individual viewer. The 50-some members of itchy-O have never been afraid of being overly creative when it comes to their craft and this video fits their vibe perfectly. An eerie mix of animation and live cuts stacked quickly back to back tell a story that reads differently each time we’ve watched the video. Check out our video announcement for more information.