Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox may be small, but it is mighty fun. The iconic venue downtown knows how to throw an all-out rager and this will ring especially true with their upcoming showcase of a few local hip-hop acts. TheyCallHimAP, A Meazy, Jay Triiiple, Yung June and DNA Picasso will all take the stage on Thursday, August 30 to give Denver the Mile High Live, a star party we’ve been waiting for all summer. You will not want to miss this night put on by KS 107.5, as it is a production that will shine the spotlight on some of Denver’s best rappers.

TheyCallHimAP has made a large splash in the Denver music scene with his quality lyrics and years of devout effort to mold and perfect his rap platform. He took this stage for his first headlining how earlier this year at the Bluebird and has confirmed that he has worked tirelessly in the studio on more music to release to his fans. However, the main act of Mile High Live is sure to also perform the beloved hits from his 2017 release 3Am, including tracks like “Do You Mind?,” “Let Us Pray” and “Man in the Mirror.” AP is also known for featuring other Denver favorites, so there is no telling who might pop up on stage with him.

A Meazy has also caused quite the stir among Denver rap listeners, having been located here for nearly all of his life. Much like AP, Meazy released his last project in 2017, Meazy Shuttlesworth, and is more than prepared to entertain the stage at Ophelia’s next week. As he remains busy working on his music, A Meazy has his sights on the next big thing and will work to rise to his highest potential, which this blowout night can only assist with. Real name Alexander Jiles, A Meazy started making music when he was very young, as young as fourth grade. When a close friend and inspiration of his passed, he knew he needed to take his dreams to the next level and has continued to create several mixtapes and even runs his own label. This event will serve as one more milestone in many that this rapper will take on the path of his long career in music.

Jay Triiiple, the only female on the docket, has lived in Denver since she was 15 and has made steady ripples recently in the community with her music. Having performed on many local stages, including the Test Kitchen shows that were previously held at Black Box, she has garnered a hefty local following and should not be one to sleep on.

DNA Picasso is set on making 2018 his year, having released several music videos and other treats to go along with his music. The rapper, whose name comes from his initials and an ode to Pablo Picasso, came to Denver after living in New York and California. Even though he is not a native, he offers a larger perception with his talented raps and stimulating visuals.

Last but not least, Yung June will also join the heavy hitting lineup at Ophelia’s. The Denver musician brings an authentic grit to his tracks and is sure to be integral to the hype of the evening. Check out his Spotify ahead of time so that you can spit the words along to tracks like “Rich and Famous” and “Everywhere I Go.”

The Mile High Live will take place on August 30 at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox.  The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets can be found for $10 here. More information can be found on the 21 and over event’s Facebook here