Denver native, T.J. Miller is no stranger to playing shows in his hometown. After headlining last year’s High Plains Comedy Fest and filming his HBO special at the Paramount the year prior, Miller is known for pulling out the stops when he comes to the Mile High. However, his most recent return is much more understated. The surprise set, taking place Thursday, March 29, at 10 p.m. at Comedy Works downtown, was announced via his Instagram only two days before the show. The Dead Pool star may be opting for a more low key affair because of his recent sexual assault allegations where his college classmate accused him of punching and choking her during sexual encounters. He has denied the allegations.

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Overall, it was a tumultuous 2017 for Miller who left the HBO hit series Silicon Valley in a reportedly messy exit. He also recently settled with an Uber driver he allegedly slapped during a debate about Trump. Nonetheless, Miller is explaining his behavior by arguing that he’s just playing a villain role society craves and prefers people to think of his as a “nihilist, an absurdist, a provocateur” (something he also echoed in our interview with him).

Whether you’re accepting of this explanation or not, Miller has been welcomed back to the intimate Comedy Works stage this week despite the allegations and his bizarre behavior.