Next month, Sie FilmCenter is hosting a dog-friendly screening for Wes Anderson’s newest film, Isle of Dogs.  The special event is happening all over the country to celebrate the filmmaker’s stop-motion movie that’s centered on the classic tale of a boy and his dog. But in typical Anderson fashion, the movie has all the deadpan jokes and awkward quirks you’d expect from the famous director.

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If you’re anxiously excited (or apprehensive) with the thought of bringing your pup into the theater, we went ahead and tested it out for you. Of course, there’s a catch (pun intended) as the movie will have a few alterations.  This includes playing the movie at a slightly lowered volume and the lights raised — but only by a little.  Also, your dog must remain on a leash and if he or she is aggressive or loud, you will be asked to leave the theater.

However, during our visit, none of the above seemed to be an issue. Of course, expect to be a little distracted from the movie, especially while getting settled. Speaking of, you can choose to allow your canine to sit on a seat or comfortably on the floor. The trick is Sie didn’t overfill the theater for our screening so there was enough space between pups. However, each event will be determined by the dogs in your audience, so come with an open mind and the expectations that minor disruptions will happen.

Currently, tickets are on sale for Saturday, April 21 at 2 p.m. and are very limited — the first screening on April 16 already sold out. Tickets are $5 for canines and regular priced for their human counterparts ($11.50). Tickets will in part benefit Maxfund, a local animal adoption center. Go here to snag a spot before it’s gone because the event is truly a one-of-kind treat. 

All photos by Brittany Werges.

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