Behind The Halcyon Hotel is an unmarked door. And, next to it, a golden doorbell begs to be pushed. Press the button, and a hostess will arrive to ask if you’ve made a reservation. While it’s not impossible to snag a seat at this elusive spot without one, it is much easier to text ahead.

What makes Denver speakeasy B&GC so sexy is its mystery. From the allure of an alley-way entrance to the mystique of a text-to-drink entrance, this exclusive hideaway oozes mystique. And, to make things even more alluring, the team has never allowed photographers to document it — that is, until now. After months of asking, B&GC finally allowed us to bring photographers in to show the public why its bar is worth jumping through hoops to enter.

The Space

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If you’ve already scrolled through our latest edition of Denver’s Sexiest Cocktail Bars, you’re already acquainted with the allure of this underground, Cherry Creek haunt. And now, you can put a face with the name. Formerly a post office, B&GC is small and consumed by a large center bar, surrounded by leather stools and banquets. The dark wood walls, deep red leather chairs and marble flooring are all set in low, vibrant lighting — making you feel as if you’ve traveled back to WWII. The rotating seats are comfortable, the lighting is seductive and the drinks are some of the best in the city.

The Drinks

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B&GC doesn’t boast itself superior in one cocktail or another. Instead, the team prides themselves on creating craft beverages to fit the guest’s preference. Led by Daryl Pryor, the cocktail-making team creates unique drinks based on your preferences or will mix one of the many options available on the menu. The bar does offer an array of cocktails that they’ve handcrafted, however in the spirit of secrecy that menu is not listed online, you’ll just have to come by. In addition to the drinks, B&GC has a few select snacks to nibble on while you drink — a meat and cheese platter for $20, smoked Marcona almonds and olives each for $10, to name a few.

Now that you’ve seen all there is to see of this elusive drinking destination, the only thing left to do is test out what they’re mixing (and shaking) for yourself. The bar is open nightly from 6 p.m. to close. We recommend making a reservation. To do so text, don’t call 720-925-8598 no sooner than 3 p.m., on the day you plan to go.

All photography by Danielle Webster.