Halloween has come and gone,  but for Denver’s biggest and arguably scariest haunted house — the season isn’t over just yet. The legendary 13th floor is extending Halloween into the Christmas season with Krampus – with a Christmas-themed haunted house.

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Originally celebrated in European cultures, Krampus, also known as Perchtenlauf or Klaubaufe, resurrects a centuries-old pagan tradition. The tradition requires young men to dress up as mythical Krampus creature and parade through the streets — a ritual meant to disperse winter’s ghosts. They march dressed in fur suits, carved wooden masks and carrying cowbells. The 13th Floor has been remixing this age-old tradition since 2015 — void of Cobble Stone streets and cowbells.

Krampus will be open for one terrifying weekend this Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9. Guests will enter a twisted world of nightmarish Christmas demons, Yuletide horror and gut-wrenching special effects for an all-around bone-chilling holiday event.

The 13th Floor Entertainment Group has expanded past Denver origins to Phoenix, Austin, San Antonio and Chicago – through its brand new Denver location remains the largest. Those looking to skip the line for a good scare can buy tickets here.

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13th Floor is located at 3400 East 52nd Avenue, Denver. 

All photos and videos courtesy of 13th Floor.