It’s time to dare to face your fears because Denver’s largest haunted houses, 13th Floor and The Asylum have returned to the Mile High. Back for its 16th season, this year the houses feature larger space and six new attractions each — just in time for National Haunted House Day on October 13. 

Created by nationally recognized and award-winning haunted house designers Chris Stafford and Warren Conard, both the haunted houses come from Denver-based Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the nation’s biggest independent haunted house operator.

One of the houses, the 13th Floor, has a new location and boasts being Denver’s largest haunted house ever. It is 10,000 square feet bigger than last year. With better parking space and larger waiting area, the scary house is constructed in two-three stories structures adding in distinct scary attractions all over the place.

“The larger space has helped us in providing a better experience. This has allowed us to build two-three story structures, which gave us the advantage of utilizing all the space around the visitors, even above the head and below. Monsters can come and scare you from everywhere and the new attractions would surely excite all. The new set also provides a bigger parking lot and larger waiting area outside the haunt for various other recreational activities. This year, we have hired more scare actors and we will have 60+ actors working in the haunted houses on weekend nights. We aim to deliver an improved experience,” said Tye Olmsted, general manager, 13th floor haunted house.

13th Floor

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Located at 3400 East 52nd Avenue, the 13th Floor will transcend you into a dream world of terror as a nightmare creature welcomes you into the house. One of the newest addition this year, Nachtmah pulls you into her nightmare and even the bravest of souls will have a tough time to escape from her deadly grip.

The next new addition is the abandoned manor, which is home to evil permanent residents, who were unwittingly awakened by a local psychic, Madame Shelta. The restless spirits — a lady who took her own children’s lives and grief-stricken husband who murdered his wife for her evil deeds — await you at the manor and trespassers will have to face the horror of the family.

One of the most distinct features at the house this year is the new eerie town of Coalfell, which has a 20-year old history of an unusually high rate of murders and missing persons. One will encounter petrifying entities, who are shape-shifting creatures that most often take the form of evil clowns at this slaughter town. Beware of your steps as you explore this amazing haunt.

The Asylum

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Second haunted house of the group, The Asylum is located just a few blocks away at 6100 East 39th Avenue to give you more shivers of fear and excitement. When you enter The Asylum,  you’ll find a body of a victim lost to a ghastly disease on an autopsy table. What begins as a tour quickly turns into a trap and race for survival. You have to uncover the clues to make your escape before the sedation gas fills in.

Even if you come out as a winner in the race, you directly run into the second new attraction — the attack of bloodthirsty zombies. One has to find a quick way out to a sanctuary before you become a prey to these deadly beasts.

Ridgegate Hospital, the next stop at the Alysum, one of a kind and special highlight this year. One must be smart enough to determine who is a friend and who is a foe. The dangerous and deranged patients will be the least of your worries as the doctors routinely take visitors and patients for horrifying rituals. The next encounter will be with the serial-killer nurse, who has taken over 30 souls and still counting. The staff and residents at Ridgegate hospital will surprise you when you least expect it.

Roping in brand new monsters in a much bigger space and offering many unexpected scary adventures, the two haunted houses are all set to take your fears to new heights.

Open until early November, all those daredevils who want to step into the world of horror, grab your tickets here and get ready to experience a terrifying night.

All photos courtesy of Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group.