It’s no secret people have a strange affinity for anything “unicorn” related these days (Starbucks, we’re looking at you). Whether it be the revenge of Lisa Frank, or the fact anything brightly colored goes viral on social media (we mean, anything), the Unicorn trend is here to stay. Colorado organizer, Dana Cain (also known for the Colorado Chocolate festival and Denver Modernism Show), seems to get this. Because come this summer, she’ll be the founder of an entire day dedicated to the infatuation.

Happening on Sunday, June 25, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Littleton’s Clement Park, the Unicorn Festival is promising a day filled with magical events. So far the agenda includes everything from unicorn rides, to swimming with mermaids in a “Mermaid Lagoon” and exploring an enchanted castle labyrinth. 

“Our goal is to create an environment where wonder and imagination rule — a reminder to everyone that we live in a magical, beautiful world where all things are possible,” said Cain.

From now until June 1, the tickets are $8 for adults and $4 for kids under 12, with ages 2 and under are free. After June 1, tickets go up to $10 and $5 respectively. A “Magic Pass” that lets you skip lines is also available. For more information on ticketing and the event, go here.