Traditionally, April 20 is a day for weed smokers to be high, happy and united, almost like an international pipe smokers’ pow-wow. But what about those of us who prefer to eat our THC? 

Edibles are a popular product in Denver whether it’s 420 or not, but some definitely stand above the pack. If you prefer edibles to flower, you’ll want to snag one of these elevated THC-infused confections this week. Beyond your everyday gummies, these companies’ edibles are raising the standard in the cannabis industry. Edible marijuana is often overlooked during a tradition that particularly glamorizes heavy smoking — but these three undoubtedly gourmet edible delights will clear the clouds from your head and have you silly, salivating, smiling and reaching for another.


Chocolate by 1906

1906 draws on the past for inspiration — reviving the “golden era” of American culture, long before US prohibition of marijuana. The company offers four styles of chocolate, all THC-infused and designed for specific effects — GO for energy, PAUSE for relaxation, MIDNIGHT to induce sleep and HIGH LOVE to increase sensuality. HIGH LOVE “aphrodisiaweed” is one of the first products of its kind. Cocoa alone is considered an aphrodisiac, and marijuana already tends to give people the touchy-feelies, but we wondered — you really be more turned on from weed chocolate?

Prior to a little afternoon dosing with my girlfriend last week, we researched and found we had ourselves something more than your average weed candy. HIGH LOVE edibles are infused with a blend of aphrodisiacs — Puama, Yohimbe and Damiana are added to coincide with a mellow dose of THC and CBD. The addition of green tea extract and coffee will boost stamina and energy levels to help further propel you into “the mood.” This is no weed Viagra, but it does make you want to touch yourself, and then your partner and then just kind of rub your face in a fuzzy pillow just because it feels nice.


Binske’s Peruvian Nacional with hazelnut

Next on your to-do list is Binske’s Single Origin Chocolate. Binske has a product line that ranges from fruit leathers to honey and THC-infused olive oils — but its chocolate is its claim to fame. The Peruvian Nacional 47 percent Dark Milk with Hazelnut bar is fantastic.

Nacional cocoa was originally farmed in Ecuador and traded worldwide as a delicacy. In the early 1900s disease wiped out nearly all the Nacional from the Ecuadorian coast. In more recent history, the prized cocoa has been rediscovered deep in the jungles of Peru and is currently back on the culinary radar. Peruvian Nacional cocoa even appears in a line of luxury chocolate created by the Discovery Channel TV star Anthony Bourdain.

This stuff is the real deal — it is the creamy-smooth harmonious bittersweet balance that makes chocolate so beautiful. Sustainably grown hazelnuts from Oregon add crunch and texture to the bar which had us breaking off another 10mg square immediately. The buzz is clean and creative. Within a couple of hours, I hung paintings in my new apartment and made a scallopini chicken marsala and risotto dinner on the five-burner.

Coda Signature

Coda Signature’s Crescendo series

Coda Signature’s Crescendo series of truffles are bright and flashy the moment you crack the seal on the six-piece set and slide the truffles from their white and gold packaging. These are designer truffles. I’m talking Gucci weed truffles here — Coda’s head chocolatier Lauren Gockley was named one of Dessert Professional’s Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America and it absolutely shows.

The Crescendo box set includes three flavors: burnt caramel, earl grey and juniper lemon. Each truffle is beautifully decorated with vibrant splashes of red, blue and green that made us feel like we were eating pieces of modern art. Many edibles are crafted to mask the bitter taste of cannabis, but these truffles sing a cannabinoid harmony. The earl grey truffle was a personal favorite — a mixture of tea and marijuana tannins make for a delightful bitter grit on the palate that is unforgettable. Heavily caramelized burnt caramel truffle also played the salted bitter notes well. Beauty and taste aside, the THC had us flushed and giggly. It also had a lethargic effect — more so than the Binske and 1906 selections. I fell asleep basking in the sun on my back porch a couple hours after consumption and woke up refreshed, relaxed and ready to restart the day.

Denver offers a plethora of cannabis products, but these three chocolates provide more than the ability to alter your mental state. The ingredients here are exceptional, the chocolatiers are thoughtful and innovative, the highs are consistent and clean — this is an art form. Amateur stoners and experienced pot heads alike have something to learn from these major players. 

Feel free to share your favorites with us in the comments — we are always looking to try something new!

All photography by Austin Voldseth.