On March 8, women and men across the world have joined to celebrate International Women’s Day. On a day meant to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, we’re participating by sharing a list of woman-owned or led food businesses in Denver and beyond.

What’d we miss? Let us know in the comments—we’ll be updating the piece all day. 

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  1. Leigh jones

    Melanie Unruh, Margaret Moore and Leigh Jones at The Horseshoe Lounge and Crow Bar.

    Leigh Jones and Margaret Moore at Inga’s Alpine Tavern and The Bar Car.

  2. hannah

    You missed Copper Door Coffee Roasters (only woman owned roasting company), Amethyst Coffee, and To the Wind Bistro

    • Brittany Werges

      Elle is on there! But of course we’ll add in Copper and To the Wind ASAP!

  3. Carissa Sargent

    NIcole Sullivan -bookbar
    Niya G- local 46
    Cindhurra reddy- spuntino
    Carissa Sargent- brazen and telegraph
    Leah -hops and pie
    So many women owned businesses!

  4. Katsumi Yuso Ruiz

    Thank you so much for the inclusion! Can you please add Green Seed Market to the business I Co-Own. What an amazing list. You guys are the best!

  5. Heather

    Here’s some restaurants run by some bad ass ladies!

    The Wooden Table & Brodo Scratch Kitchen – JANE KNAUF

    Wong Way Veg Food Truck – LISA WONG

    The Cow in Morrison – Sherri Lind

  6. Jamie Perkins

    And my favorite Quince Essential Coffee House, Michelle Jeannerett!

  7. EC

    Gerry Kim – co-founder/owner of Frozen Matter (ice cream) &Retrograde (cocktail bar)

  8. Liz Batkin

    Thank you! Missing my girl Madeleine Zinn, owner of the glorious Sub Rosa Mercantile in Sunnyside.

  9. Lee Goodfriend

    me, Lee Goodfriend, Co-owner of Racines and formerly Goodfriends and Dixons. I dare say I am probably the longest serving female restaurateur (oldest!)in Denver. there were very few when we opened Goodfriends in 1979.

  10. Daniel

    Wendy Mitchell: Avalanche Cheese, Meat & Cheese (Aspen) and Hooch (Aspen)

  11. Heather

    Dana D. Derichsweiler The Walnut Cafe (all 3 restaurants – The Walnut Cafe, Southside Walnut Cafe and Supermini Walnut Cafe)

  12. Neej

    Hi! Lisa Wong is the Owner of WongWayVeg, not co-owner. Thanks, Ladies! This is awesome!

    • Brittany Werges

      Hi! Thanks for submitting but we wanted to make sure you knew this list is for food and beverage companies.

  13. Kayla

    Watercourse Foods (probably Watercourse Bakery too) is owned by a mom and daughter team! Lauren and Jennifer, but I do not know their last names.

    And it’s not a restaurant, but Nooch Vegan Market is female owned as well.

  14. Kristy Greenwood Bortz

    Ah, such a great list and I wish I’d not only seen it earlier but been included in this fabulous company. My business has been open for ten years and we are still flourishing. Thank you Denver! Who are we? Victory love + cookies. Owner / baker Kristy Greenwood Bortz.

  15. Kallyn

    Cheers to the ladies!

    Ironton Distillery and Crafthouse:)
    Kallyn Romero – co founder
    Laura Walters – head distiller


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