On December 1, Lauren and Wayne Harvey opened the doors to the much desired neighborhood coffee spot Rainy Day Cafe. Housed in the front entrance of Du Jour Hair Studio—which Lauren  co-owns—the petite counter, currently only serving espresso drinks, is only the second coffee shop serving the vicinity. Brewing up coffee from nearby roasters Copper Door, Rainy Day pays homage to Seattle—the city where the couple met. With Denver’s brewery scene in full effect, Wayne believes that craft coffee is not far behind, recognizing that the values of the two cities are remarkably similar. “The ability to walk to a neighborhood spot, that’s what inspired us,” said Wayne.


Both Harveys are deeply involved in the community. This month the cafe is doubling as a drop off spot for the holiday clothing drive Lauren is helping to spearhead. Wayne recognizes the importance of the coffee shop not just as way to deliver quality products, but as a gathering space for neighbors to congregate and grow.


The mixed-use space has been garnering an excellent response both from regulars of the hair studio and from the populace at large. Customers are gracious, thanking Wayne profusely for his kind and heartfelt service, and for providing a more convenient location to get their morning brew. The husband and wife team is optimistic about their neighborhood, knowing full well that community is held together by spaces like the one they are developing. It is clear that Wayne knows the ins and outs of coffee, but in talking to him something more profound became apparent. His and his wife’s dedication to their neighborhood positions Rainy Day Cafe as an essential pillar of a healthy community—a place where pride is fostered and relationships solidified.

Rainy Day Cafe, 2331 East 28th Ave., Denver.

All photography by Colin Wren.