Denver Fashion Weekend presented by Schomp Automotive is only few days away. With the clock ticking down, 303 Magazine decided to release the official line-up to give our fashion-forward readers the scoop on who will present. Take a peek and make sure to secure your ticket to Colorado’s largest fashion show before it sells out.


Day One: 303 Awards & Southwest Hairstyle Awards

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 7 p.m. RSVP your seat here. 


303 Magazine and Charlie Price are partnering to present the second year of the Southwest Hairstyling Awards honoring Colorado’s and the Southwest’s most talented professionals in the hair industry. This year, 303 is also bringing back the 303 Awards where the magazine recognizes local artists, street artists, restaurants, boutiques, designers, local music and more.

Southwest Hairstyling Awards/ Lifetime Achievement Award
Tabatha Coffey

Celebrity Hairstylist of the Year
Ted Gibson

Independent Platform Artist of the Year
DJ Muldoon

Southwest Hairstylist of the Year winner

303 Awards  

Charlie Price and Dahlia Jean Weinstein

Food provided by The Corner Office & TickleBelly

Day Two: Local Designers & Non-Traditional

Thursday, April 7 @ 7 p.m. RSVP your seat here. 


Day Two of Denver Fashion Weekend features local designers and alternative models. DFW Fall ’15 was DFW first runway show featuring plus size, petite, tattoos and models over 40 years of age. We’re bringing back the talent in all of these categories, plus more. This night will also highlight local designers who will showcase their newest collections.

Non-Traditional Models

————— INTERMISSION —————

Local Designers  
Kotomi Yoshida
Maggie Burns – Marie-Margot Couture
Kimono Dragons – By Francis Roces
Rachel Marie Hurst

Laura Schweizer
Food provided by Leña & MiJo

Day Three: Local Boutiques & National Fashion

Saturday, April 9 @ 7 p.m.RSVP your seat here. 


Day Three presents top Denver boutiques as well as looks from national brands. See the latest trends in fashion, along with ready-to-wear pieces that you can purchase locally.

Local Boutiques
Marks Lloyds Furs
Lions in Four
Velvet Wolf

————— INTERMISSION —————

National Designers & Local Boutiques
Femme Fatale Intimates

Eden Lane: Host / Producer – In Focus on Colorado Public Television
Food provided by The Inventing Room & Cherry Hills Sushi

Day Four: The Hair Show

Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 7 p.m. RSVP your seat here. 


This night is Denver Fashion Weekend’s most avant-garde show. Filled with inspired costumes, elaborate makeup and of course, larger than life hair, this show is sure to surprise.

Part One
Charlie Price
Three Cutters
Antoine du Chez
Grand Salon
Salon Tres C
Coco Marie
J Beverly Hills
The Look

————— INTERMISSION —————

Part Two
Ebony Underground
Proper Barbershop
El Salon
Main Entrance Artists NYC

Chris Parente of Colorado Everyday Show on Channel Fox 31

 Food provided by Leña & The Inventing Room

Day Five: Boudicca— Hair & Makeup Masters (Licenced professionals only)

Monday, April 11 at 2 p.m. RSVP your seat here. 


Join host Eden Sassoon and 12 of the top women in the professional salon industry as they explore the subject of hair color through live demos and pre-done models. Participants will learn contemporary techniques, tips for stylists to use in the salon and photo studio, as well as editorial hair color.

Charity Haircolor
Shirley Gordon – Wella
Lisa Vann – Aveda
Nekisa Addis – Beauty Underground Artistic Team
Katie Renshaw Nielsen – Scruples
Jill M Leitz – Redken
DeAnnalyn Teal – Independent Haircolor Master
Cynthia Winston – Independent Haircolor Master
Shareena Hansen-Reardon – Beauty Underground Artistic Team
Berry Bachen – Mainentrance Artists NYC

Charity Makeup

 Sara Brentano – Master Makeup Artist and Social Activist
Lindsay Ambrosio – Makeup Madame Highlighters
Leslie Munsell – Beauty For Real Cosmetics

Eden Sassoon & Mia Liguori McHugh