Has the clock struck midnight on Peyton Manning’s Cinderella career? Is it officially Brock O’Clock? We at 303 are curious to hear what you have to say about the current Denver Broncos quarterback situation — that you have to be living under a rock not to be hearing about.

On one side you have PFM — record breaking, Super Bowl Champion, future Hall of Famer. The bread and butter of the Denver Broncos for the past few years. On the other you have Brockweiller — young, mobile, and strolling through the blue and orange spotlight like a champ…after 2 games. Read what both sides are saying and make your vote at the bottom.

Team Manning

Photo by Roman Tafoya

Photo by Roman Tafoya

Is #18 always #1 in your heart? You are not alone. Whether following Manning from the Colts or a die hard Broncos fan, no one can deny that Peyton’s career has been nothing short of impressive. And why should a franchise quarterback lose his spot because he was injured needed to sit out a few weeks? Here are a few reasons that PFM should get his spot back when he is healthy:

  1. Because he is PFM — leading the Broncos to a Super Bowl and breaking every record in the book should guarantee someone a spot on the roster right? If Peyton is healthy he should play — period.
  2. Because Brock knows he is the backup — Brock is second string, it is his job to hold the fort down if the starter is injured. 
  3. Because this might be Peyton’s last season — at the age of 39 it is no secret that the historic career of Peyton Manning is coming to its conclusion. Officially, his contract goes through the end of the 2016 season, but at this stage he appears to be at the “year by year” phase of his career. This means he only has another handful of games before he hangs his cleats up for good. Doesn’t he deserve to finish out his contract?
  4. Because Peyton has more experience — sure it might be easy to boast a 2-0 record as an NFL QB. But when it comes to the post-season, you want a leader who has experience dealing with the pressure of the playoffs. Peyton has 24 post-season games under his belt and (if healthy) offers the Broncos the best chance at victory.

Team Osweiller

Photo from the Denver Broncos website.

Photo from the Denver Broncos website.

Gone are the days where Osweiller’s name only appears on the big screen during a preseason game, or when the Broncos have an outrageous lead. After 2 NFL starts, he proved he is ready to Brock and Roll. Playing better than Manning has played arguably all season, why should they pull him at all? Here are a few reasons why the Wizard of Os should continue to keep his position as starting quarterback, even when Manning is healthy:

  1. Because Brock is playing better than Peyton — originally Brock stepped in to “hold the fort” while Peyton healed from his injuries. Flash forward 2 games and Brock is not only holding the fort down — he has claimed it, added a helipad on top, and conquered everything within it’s range. Not only are his statistics better, but he plays with an energy that Peyton had not been bringing to the field in a very long time. If a team wants to win they put the best players on the field…duh?
  2. Because he has learned from the best and is ready to lead — playing behind Peyton for his entire NFL career has set Brock up for success. He carries himself with poise, nails every interview question, and already holds the respect of his teammates. He has waited patiently in the wings for his chance to shine, and now is that time.
  3. Because Peyton could permanently injure himself if he plays again — dealing with injuries in his back, hand, and most recently a plantar fascia tear in his left heel are just the documented injuries plaguing 39 year-old Manning. What does he have left to prove? In his last NFL start against the Chiefs he broke Brett Favre’s record for the most passing yards of all time. Why not go out on top?
  4. Because Brock beat New England — beating the Chicago Bears in his first start… commendable. Beating the undefeated World Champion New England Patriots in his second? Outrageously impressive. After pulling off the biggest upset on the biggest stage (SNF), there is no way Osweiller should sit. If he continues to play the way he is playing throughout the rest of the regular season (setting up the Broncos for prime playoff position) only to hand the reigns over to a quarterback who has not played well this season? Well that would be just wrong.


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Stay tuned…let’s see how the rest of Broncos Country votes