Another year, another amazing party to celebrate the inception of this wonderful publication. And this year we are celebrating with a massive white-inspired anniversary party to end the summer with a BANG! Join us Thursday, August 27 at The Breakers Resort to celebrate another year of 303 Magazine! The event will benefit the “Help Find Kelsie” continued search efforts.Kelsie Schelling of Denver disappeared in Pueblo, Colorado on February 4, 2013. Learn more about Kelsie and her disappearance at

One of the highlights of 303 events is the stellar production. Award-winning production company JAMMIN DJ’s  has been around for decades and, in that time, compiled an extensive portfolio including sports events, fashion shows, music events and more. We are so excited to have them on board as producers for the Pool Party and excited for everyone to see what they can do. We caught up with John Murray of My Jammin’ DJs to discuss the production of the 303 Magazine 11th Anniversary White Party.

Check out this video from last year’s event!

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303 Magazine: How did you get involved in this industry?​

John Murray (JAMMIN’ DJs): Personally I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, working between Entertainment and Sports.​

How were you chosen to produce the 303 Magazine 11th Anniversary White Party and Poolside Fashion Show?

We have done numerous fashion shows, MMA productions, boxing, acoustic shows and more. We have also worked doing DJ and entertainment events around Denver, and the surrounding city and states. When I heard of the event, I wanted to be a part of the 11th anniversary to make it the best Pool party yet!​

What kind of events have you produced before?

Like I mentioned, we have fashion shows, large-scale productions, boxing, music shows and more. We have also worked doing DJ and entertainment events around Denver, and the surrounding cities and states.

Do you have a signature style or effect that is unique to you and your brand?

​ Our brand is really recognizable by our logo, however our signature style is to make each event we do the best, and constantly improve on our previous productions.​

How much preparation goes into a typical event?

​ A lot goes into each event. We have numerous planning meetings to discuss logistics and designs.​

How many events do you usually participate in during summer months?

​ We do hundreds of Summer Events every year and they’re always fun and different!.

Do you have a favorite memory from putting on these kinds of events?

​ Every event we do, we absolutely love adding our creative expertise and changing the look of any landscape to improve the overall vibe.​

What is your favorite part of summer? Favorite summer track or producer right now?

​Summer is always the “Fun” part of the year! We love helping people celebrate Summer and we love to make every pool party and event a high-energy production.​

How do you usually go about booking gigs?

​We have a very well known brand, and a reputation for quality, high end, elite events, so we do get a lot of referrals. But also having our new JAMMbulance helps with attracting new clients as well! Check it out if it’s every near you!

What are you most excited for this summer?

​ The 303 magazine 11th Anniversary White Party and Poolside Fashion Show of course!​