Five Ways to Get High Without Smoking

When it comes to areas where Denverites excel, cannabis is definitely one of them, and fitness and health are the others. In fact, one of the things that truly sets Denver apart as unique is our drive to party and have fun, paired with our commitment to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

So for some, while the buzz cannabis can provide is tons of fun, smoking just isn’t an option. Luckily, modern technology has come out with some awesome alternatives for imbibing cannabis without having to actually smoke anything.

Here are some ways to stay lifted while also making sure your lungs and body are ready for that next hike, dance club or other Colorado adventure: 5 ways to get high without smoking

1. Vape Your Flower

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Many people love to pick out some choice cannabis from the local dispensary. It’s fun to take the time to choose between indica or sativa, smell and look at all the buds, and just generally get a feel for what’s available. Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too.

You can pick out those delicious buds and get to enjoy having weed, but you don’t have to smoke anything and take a toll on your lungs. Vaporizers are absolutely amazing for this. You can get a big one for at home, like the Volcano. This kind of vaporizer plugs into the wall and basically serves the purpose of a bong, minus the water, mess and smoke. You could also check out a portable pen like the Grenco Science herbal vaporizer, which allows you to pack your ganja on the go. You just have to keep it charged, like a cell phone. This is a great bet for times when you want to hit the great outdoors with some bud, or have a smoking session before  a big party, minus the smoke.

2. Get an Oil Pen

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Another popular way to use cannabis in Denver is shatter or wax: marijuana concentrates that pack a bigger punch in smaller amounts and taste just delightful. One popular way to smoke shatter or wax is to “dab,” meaning to drop a little dab onto part of a special water pipe for oil and inhale all the smoke. This method can cause lots of coughing and that “I just got too high” feeling – plus it’s way too messy for travel.

Oil pens, like the super-famous G Pen from Grenco Science, are the way to go when it comes to keeping it vapey. These pens pack all the punch of taking a dab, but you can control how much you vape a bit better, and you’re being a little easier on your body, too.

3. Try Some Tasty Treats

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Everybody loves edibles, and they are kind of the go-to solution for not wanting to smoke. Edibles have been a popular choice since before cannabis became legal, and they mostly manifest themselves in the form of cookies, candies and other sweet treats. OK, so this one is not one hundred percent healthy, but hey, everyone needs a cookie sometimes, even health nuts. However, when you do break out the edible goodness, be careful not to dose too hard and end up with couch lock instead of going out on the town and having fun.

“Start low and go slow,” cautions Shawna McGregor, Senior Vice President at The Rosen Group, a Denver public relations firm with a focus on cannabis advocacy. “It takes a while for an edible to hit you, and it’s a different type of a high than most are used to, so give it a while to kick in and be careful to not get caught in the echo chamber of yummy edibles-munchies.”

4. Try Topicals, Patches and Other Goodies

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You can also get creative with your cannabis use – it actually doesn’t have to be ingested at all. You can try the THC patch to keep a buzz going while out and about. This is especially useful if you are using cannabis for medical purposes, and need to have a constant infusion of the good stuff while you keep living your life, working or playing.

The topicals and lotions can be good and fun for all kinds of things. Try some out for a night of pleasure in the bedroom, or use some on a sore spot to heal it all up before hitting the town in your sharp new outfit.

5. Coming Soon: Slow-Release Capsules

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This one is still in the works, but once slow-release cannabis capsules are out there and they will make a huge difference for those who would rather use marijuana but not smoke.

According to Nancy Whiteman, co-owner of Wana Products, “WanaCaps represents the next generation in the evolution of marijuana for the medical community. The extended release formulation enables patients to dose once or twice daily so they can get on with their lives without the constant need to be thinking about re-dosing. Additionally, WanaCaps are formulated to be highly bio-available so patients feel the therapeutic impact quickly.”

This new innovation, due to hit the shelves June 16th in select dispensaries, will be perfect for those who use cannabis medicinally and still want to be able to go out and live a full life. We can’t wait!

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