The Layers Series: 5 Steps to Building A Spring Outfit

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The first days of spring are finally here and people are happily trading in their fleece for florals and mittens for mimosas. The warmer weather has welcomed more weekends outside roaming the streets and enjoying every park in town. Not to mention, everything looks better on a patio when you’re soaking up Vitamin-D-licious beers.

A long winter always welcomes the spring essentials of less clothes and the year’s first tan lines, including those shorts that still smell like a bonfire or a bonafied good time. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the spring sun but there are a few things to keep in mind when building your outfit this early in the season. The morning chill of March and April require some serious planning, both to enjoy the heat of the afternoon and stay warm in the early evening. Below are a few tricks to layering the perfect winter turned spring outfit.

How To Layer A Spring Outfit

Step 1: Shoes

photoFlats are the epitome of the happy place in between boots and sandals. You’re not worrying about that leftover pedicure you got last September or having to wear socks in 85-degree weather. A classic pair of black or brown flats work with pants or any dress you’re ready to bring out of hiding. Sandals are a great staple for summer but when morning wakes you up to 45 degrees, you want to be able to feel your feet. Finding a few pairs that work throughout both the spring and summer months compliments any outfit in your closet. However, you can’t go wrong with your best boots everyday, all day.

Step 2: Pants or Dress/Skirt

unnamedFind a pair of pants that you can wear with your favorite tank top or lose sweater for colder days. A fun pair with a pattern or a boyfriend jean make any spring outfit that much more seasoned. Skinny jeans do wonders with a long shirt (or dress) and you don’t have to spend the extra cash if you already have them pressed and ready from your winter wardrobe. If you hate pants, see dresses below.

If you’re ready for leg-shaving season, opt for a maxi style dress or skirt with a pair of close-toed shoes. We all want to pull out that halter dress and favorite romper but it’s important to wait until the time is right. If you’re mother won’t get in the pool until July, she definitely won’t approve of you baring your winter white legs this early on.

Step 3. Sweater

unnamedIt’s just as easy to put on as it is to take off and (bonus), and it makes any sleeveless top or dress outfit a spring must. Layering a sweater over a silk blouse or a skirt is the best way to introduce those summer pieces with ease. The office might be cold so a sweater is a great option for transportation to and from work. Plus, it’s the perfect way to add a little bit of color to any outfit.

Step 4. Lightweight jacket

photoSometimes, when the rain comes out or the weather decides to forget what month it is, there will be days when a light jacket is needed. A jean jacket, trench coat or fatigue jacket work well as an over layer but also compliment anything from a dress to a floral top. It’s also not too late for the fun scarves that add a little extra accessory to any sunny day attire.

Step 5. Layers Unite


Finding the right pieces that can easily be layered in the morning and taken off for an afternoon stroll in the sun make an outfit perfect for any early spring day. Try to invest in a few pieces that you can keep in your closet all year and also wear multiple ways.

You don’t have to be bundled up in your winter gear to rock layers throughout the year. The best way to enjoy the newly warm weather and days of sunshine is being able to bring out those favorite pieces the right way. You don’t want to be that person who mistakes a sunny day for a spur of the moment snowstorm.


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