While the exact number is unclear, the fact is that hundreds if not thousands of Denverites find biking to work (or to a night on the town) to be the most efficient, the most cost effective, and/or the only way to commute. But how can you go to work in sweaty clothes? How can you show up for your date looking like you didn’t have any clean clothes in your closet?

Most Denver natives have developed a system to combat that very problem: bring a change of clothes. It’s rare to see a bike rider without a backpack, and even more rare to open that backpack and not find a nice set of pressed dress clothes ready to be worn in the workplace. But what if you didn’t have to bring that change of clothes?

The Bespoke Pedaler is one Denver boutique keen on filling the need for functional, fashionable clothing that can be worn both on your bike and at work or on the town.

The Bespoke Pedaler

  • 1550 Platte Street, Denver
  • 303.BES.POKE
  • Website

all photography by Devon MacLeod

Emily Hogle and her partner Rick Evans have always been into road biking. The idea of opening a bike-related store in Denver had always interested them, but with so many already in existence they had to find a way to make themselves stand out.

Eventually they decided on apparel as their focus and on July 10 of last year, The Bespoke Pedaler opened its doors. According to Emily, apparel is the forgotten element of the bike shop. It’s the element that the shop carries to round out its inventory, but that takes a back seat compared with bikes, bike components and bike accessories.

When they looked into it, they found tons of products that could support an urban mobile lifestyle being sold out of Europe, New York and especially San Francisco… So why not Denver?


For Rick and Emily it was important to focus on the rider rather than the bike in order to fill a niche, especially prevalent in Denver – that of bike commuters. Some fabrics they sell are geared for longer commutes, like Coolmax Denim: jeans woven with patented Coolmax material that can regulate your body temperature depending on how cold or hot of an environment you’re in.

Along with clothing, The Bespoke Pedaler has a great line of accessories including bags, shoes, leg warmers and water bottle or beer holders for your bike. If you want to bring the shop home with you make sure to check out the pint glasses, mugs and candles printed with different vibrantly colored bikes.

The Bespoke Pedaler services both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, although Emily says that the client base is probably 60:40, men to women at the moment. They are really hoping to bring in more female clients, even non-bikers just looking for comfortable, attractive clothing. Emily puts it perfectly when she says, “These days, fashion can be so expensive, it really should provide something more.”

So, looking for fashionable, functional bike clothing and accessories? Head to the Highlands and check out The Bespoke Pedaler and say hi to Emily. Maybe her adorable English Bulldog will even be there to greet you.