A bartender once told me his trick for spotting an underage patron was to look at their hands to reveal their real age.

I guess by his estimate that I would pass for around 150 years old.

December has barely commenced, and I am already tired of my flaky, itchy, reptilian skin. This time of year, self-preservation dominates how often we need to wash our hands to avoid the funk everyone seems to be carrying around; yet it’s not looking like this moisture restoration battle can be won with the lotion in my gym bag.

In one late-night desperate effort, I began searching online for a solution: products that were formulated explicitly for Colorado’s climate, that used natural ingredients without harsh chemicals and smelled good (and by “good” I mean “scents found in nature.” No cookie dough- or vanilla cupcake-scented lotions for me, thank you).

303 Colorado Aromatics LotionGood news: I found one. Bonus? Our solution is local.

Immediately I reached out to Colorado Aromatics to find out more. Dr. Cindy Jones was kind enough to sit down with me and let me sample some of her fabulous skin care products along the way.

303 Magazine: You specifically formulate your line to accommodate the needs of those living in Colorado. What have you noticed in your experience to be the most important factor for our skin?

Dr. Cindy Jones: Coloradans love being outside and in the fresh air. The sun can cause an increase in free radicals and affect the structural components of the skin such as collagen and elastin. This then leads to wrinkles. [Sun exposure] also causes hyperpigmentation, or sun spots, on the skin.

Dr. Cindy Jones

Dr. Cindy Jones

Our arid climate causes the skin to lose moisture which affects the skin’s barrier function, while the wind and elevation exacerbate these problems. Colorado Aromatics products have a combination of complex antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to help combat these issues to reduce and repair skin damage caused by our environment.

What initially led you to the field of skin care?

I have a passion for science and herbs and have always dabbled in both. I specifically love biochemistry and got my Ph.D. in that. After working in cancer research and teaching, my interests kept creeping towards making products. I found that with my background I was uniquely qualified to create the natural skin products that I do. I’m glad to have found this calling as it is not something I had thought of in college.

Why is the “Farm to Skin” philosophy so important to you?

What is important to me is sustainability. Our ingredients are plant-based and made using green chemistry so they are non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable resources. Farm to Skin is important because it means we source herbs for the products from our own farm [in Longmont, CO]. They do not need to travel far and we can control the quality. The herbs in our products are important for providing complex antioxidants, nutrients and anti-inflammatory agents. We also use many active ingredients for highly functional skin care and search out the ones that are made by green, natural processes.

What is “Certified Naturally Grown”, and what can we look for on the label to make informed choices?

303 Colorado Aromatics ICertified Naturally Grown is a grassroots organization that certifies farms that grow without the use of pesticides and herbicides and put nutrients back into the soil by using manure, compost and cover crops. [The designation] requires the same stringent farming techniques that Certified Organic does, but unlike Certified Organic it is not a government agency. As of now, Certified Naturally Grown does not allow products (only crops) to be certified so we cannot use it on our labels, but you will find the logo on our website relating to all of our farm-grown herbs. We put being a steward of the earth high on our list of priorities and have been Certified Naturally Grown since 2010.

I’m sure you have a special place in your heart for all of your products. Do you have a favorite?

I favor a simple skin care routine. The most basic skin care product for anyone is a good face moisturizer and so “Springtide Gold” with peptides is my favorite product. It feels great on the skin and makes me feel ready to head outside and meet the world every day.

I have to agree with Dr. Jones on the Springtide Gold anti-aging face cream. I have used it now for a week and love the way it feels, smells and doesn’t need a slew of other products to help support it. My other favorite is Colorado Aromatic’s Mountain Mist hand and body lotion in Citrus Blend. Non-greasy and easily absorbed, the scent is energizing and clean. Maybe my sesquicentennial hands stand a chance after all.

Colorado Aromatics products can be found on their website or at the new store location in Longmont.

photos courtesy of Colorado Aromatics


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