Men, guys and boys can sometimes cause a road block when it comes to holiday shopping. If you’re lucky enough, something as simple as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt will make him happy.

But many of us know such a boring gift won’t suffice. You may be shopping for multiple men this holiday season, so why not get it taken care of all at once? Whether it’s your brother, boyfriend or dad, our fashion gift guide will make sure everyone on your list gets exactly what they want.

Fashion Gift Guide: 4 Gifts for the Man in Your Life  

1. Headphones


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Everyone needs a good pair of headphones in their life and nowadays there is a larger selection than ever. You can’t go wrong with the popular choice of Beats by Dr. Dre. They come in a variety of styles such headphones and ear buds. You can also find the style you like in just about any color variation. Not to mention they now have a wireless option. Or give him a sleeker look with some FRIENDS headphones. Originally targeted at female customers, these headphones became increasing popular due to their simple, vintage style. Who says your man can’t rock this look with color options such as oil slick? These headphones are truly unique

2. Keeping Time


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The wrist-watch is a classic holiday gift that can be updated just about every year. A fairly simple gift to give, just make sure you know your their style. Does he like a leather strap or stainless steal? Black or silver is easy, but even consider a colored watch. Stick to his personal style by getting something refined and regal such as a silver Versace watch with a black face. Or maybe his personality is loud and fun. Look out for a G-Shock which you can can find in red, blue and much more.

3.  TV and Movies

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Heres something a bit unexpected – get him a subscription to any TV and movie megahouse. Instead of buying him the entire set of “Star Wars” or a DVD of his favorite movie, just subscribe him to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. These on-demand applications will keep him company year-round and he may even want to renew a subscription for next year. However, make sure you are tailoring to his personal taste. All three networks have different selections at different times making some shows and movies harder to find than others. Some networks, such as Netflix, also have series that are exclusive to them. So whichever one you may choose make sure his favorite movies and shows are available for streaming.

4. Shaving Kit


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A gift targeted toward a more mature audience, a great shaving kit can change a man’s life. The Art of Shaving is a great place to create a customized gift set. A stainless steal razor will last him years to come which will also save money from the disposable kind. You can even go with a vintage option and select for him a straight razor that will really give a smooth shave. Next, add some shaving creams, face washes, after shave and you’re all done. He’ll never want to go back the old ways ever again.