Hailing from Korea, designer Hyein Seo is one to watch. Known for her diverse use of fabrics, prints and style, Hyein Seo is a rising star in the fashion industry. 

Image courtesy of stylebubble.co.uk


Hyein Seo started her fashion career at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp where she is obtaining a masters in fashion design. She has gained quite a bit of attention through her time in school, certainly much more than a regular student. She recently presented her “Fear” collection at V Files Made Fashion in NYC for the Fall/Winter 2014 season. Famous singer and songwriter Rihanna was even spotted in Paris wearing one of Hyein Seo’s creations.

Bringing bad girl style to Antwerp, Hyein Seo is all about twisted beauty. You can see this in many of her collections which feature beautiful girls in quite non-traditional clothing. While her clothes are fun and different, they are by no means over the top. Many fashion critics such as Elle magazine and Susie Bubble have described her collections as “shop floor ready” and “wearable,” making it extremely appealing to the retail marketplace. Seo certainly agrees with these statement  as she views her pieces as not very “Antwerpy” due to their instant sell-ability.

Her rise to fame certainly came about after presenting at the V Files Made Fashion show. She closed the runway with an extremely inspired and influential show. The collection was inspired by horror films and the women within them. Hyein Seo was quoted telling V Files about her most recent collection: “There is always a beautiful, rich woman who becomes a victim. She wears luxurious fur coats with a gothic atmosphere mixed with street culture.”

She drew her influences from punk and skate culture, Dario Argento and street culture. The collection presented many faux fur jackets and accessories, large sweatshirts, and 90’s style vinyl chokers. Many of the garments were stamped with the word “fear” and terrified faces making them extremely easy to spot. The collection was certainly stand out featuring large statement coats and bomber jackets. Once again, Hyein Seo proved that her collection was as wearable as ever. For example, there were easy muscle tank dresses paired with socks and creepers. Easy to wear and easy to access.

In an interview with style.com Seo said, “I’m from Antwerp, where they’re very experimental and avant-garde. But I think it’s important to keep a commercial element.”

Image courtesy of nojesguiden.se

Image courtesy of nojesguiden.se

What’s next for the rising star? Hyein Seo is hoping that her show with V Files will help her gain enough attention that she will be able to start her own line as soon as possible. Seo wants to setup the label in Antwerp and possibly make this the headquarters of her design house. Many critics think that she may be the solo hit of her Antwerp Fashion class. Well, we certainly agree and hope to see more of Hyein Seo in the future.

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