TICKET GIVEAWAY: Beats Antique Creature Carnival at 1st Bank Center this Thursday

Halloween is over, but don’t put that costume away just yet. Beats Antique is coming to the 1st Bank Center this Thursday November 6 with the Creature Carnival Tour, which incorporates extreme audience participation and beckons local performers and freaky folks of all shapes and sizes to get involved in the show. This all ages event is set to begin at 8pm.

Photo from Beats Antique’s Instagram

The Creature Carnival will host a display of wild entertainment (even more so than usual) and theatrical improvisation. Beats Antique has put out the call and summoned Beats Freaks from all over the nation to crawl out of the woodwork, bring their playthings and costumes and get on stage with the band, making each show in every city a truly unique display of bizarre talent and colorful characters.

The Creature Carnival is a psychedelic extravaganza, featuring a DJ set from Shpongle (Simon Posford), Emancipator and a live hip hop performance from Oakland’s Lafa Taylor. Beats Antique’s website is even featuring a “Choose Your Creature” link, where you can download one of four (or four of four) masks to print out and wear to the event.

Last year, Beats Antique’s A Thousand Faces tour debuted their brand new, mind blowing 3D stage design with its digital mapping and projection. The Creature Carnival will behold even more distractions, with a fun array of regional aerial dancers, stilt walkers, dancers, hoopers, inflatables, horns, masks, leotards, headdresses, feathers and fringe. The weirder the merrier.

303 Magazine will be giving away a free pair of tickets to this Thursday’s Creature Carnival at the 1st Bank Center.

Visit 303 Magazine’s Facebook page this afternoon to find out details on how to win.

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