What to Wear: Modern Man’s Guide to Back-to-School Shopping

It’s that time of the year again, guys. School is back in session.

And whether you’re headed back to campus or simply trying to recapture those glory days, this is a perfect time to purchase new fall essentials. But not any old backpack or notebook will do. You’re an adult now and you’re looking to up your classroom game with more mature versions of back-to-school staples. So in effort to assist, 303 Magazine presents a short list of updated gear from the modern collegiate man.

Don’t forget to take some notes.


courtesy of polyvore.com
courtesy of polyvore.com


We’ll start with best part of back-to-school shopping: new kicks.

During your grade-school days, showing off your crisp pair of Chucks, Jordans, or Vans was equal parts exhilarating and validating. What better way to demonstrate your new-and-improved self than donning envy-inducing footwear?


courtesy of polyvore.com


You’ll most likely need a backpack, so why not cop one that’s as functional as it is good-looking? High-performance design and technical fabrics have resulted in some pretty murdered out bags … the kind that shit all over your four-year-old frayed joint.


courtesy of Polyvore


The beginning of the school year also marks the end of summer. So in anticipation of cooler weather, you’ll want to take a look at lighter outerwear options like track jackets, bombers and rain coats.


courtesy of polyvore.com
courtesy of polyvore.com


This one is pretty straight-forward. However you take notes — be it by laptop, audio recording or old-fashioned pen and paper — you’ll want to make sure your method is on point.

Basic Hoodie

courtesy of polyvore.com
courtesy of polyvore.com


The go-to staple for the college man’s wardrobe is the solid hoodie. It’s simple, comfortable and an easy way to go from offensively sloppy to actually presentable.


courtesy of polyvore.com
courtesy of polyvore.com


We know, you probably don’t need another pair of jeans, but you’re about to endure a nine-month marathon of lectures, exams and note-taking; so soften the blow with a splurge on high-quality denim. They’ll look good, and last you well past your second PhD.

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