Through the Photographer eyes comes a gift of vision to their audience. Photographers are able to capture a moment in time with a single push of a button; flash of a bulb. Candace Bevier-Heredia has been an Artist and Photographer her whole life. “My family was involved in the arts. I learned how important it was,” smiles Candace.

Candace Bevier-Heredia is one such photographer who is still producing her work, old school. “One of the most difficult challenges  in this industry is working in the dark room with all the chemicals,” winks and smiles Candace. Candace is one of the few artists and photographer’s that I have met that continues to work her craft not on the computer, but in the dark room with her photography.

Candace Bevier-Heredia

Candace Bevier-Heredia



Candace’s artistic medium of choice has been photography and writing. Candace is a graduate of the University of Missouri with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Denver in Film and Photography.

However her artistic expressions have also been in the musical arts. Candace is an accomplished pianist, played bassoon in an orchestra for 6 years, as well the pipe organ and also performing as a percussionist. Candace has also been honored with an Outstanding Vocalist Award.




Candace Bevier-Heredia

Candace Bevier-Heredia



With a passion for the arts this strong it is not surprising that her accomplishments continue to grow. Candace is the percussionist for Rene Heredia’s Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre and has made it her life to study Flamenco Dance and the history of this vibrant art form.


“It is important to satisfy your visual desires and what makes my work different than others is that I am focusing my photography and writing talents by specializing in Flamenco Theatre,” smiles Candace. Candace has been recognized for her talents for writing and photography in Guitar Player Magazine, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Denver Magazine, Jaleo Magazine and when working for President Gerald Ford she received a Presidential Medal.


“My advise to anyone going into the arts industry is to never give up. Having the family support, working hard and being at the right place and the right time and meeting the right people has truly been the keys to my success,” states Candace as she glances up to the sky to reminisce with her memories.

“I have enjoyed the work of so many artists, but the ones that have struck an awe chord with me have been Chopin for his music. Sabicas, greatest guitarist and his genius! And of course, Paco de Lucia is one of the most versatile guitarists of all time; a true genius!” smiles Candace and continues, “Ansel Adams was a great photographer of nature and was a great influence.”

Candace Bevier-Heredia Art Reception at Lapis Gallery

Candace Bevier-Heredia Art Reception at Lapis Gallery

Candace Beviers-Heredia‘s current exhibit “Duende Flamenco / Soul of Flamenco” at Lapis Gallery, showcases over 50 photographic images that Candace has taken through the years of Paco de Lucia. This exhibit runs through August 31st, 2014.

Rene Heredia will play new compositions in remembrance. Both Candace and Rene have been long time friends of Paco, who unexpectantly passed away earlier this year, and feel the loss deeply as well as the rest of the Flamenco community throughout the world.

Candace Bevier-Heredia is an amazing person and artist that lights up a room just by entering it and the collection of images of Paco de Lucia is a special intimate expression of the journey and dynamic complexity of Flamenco and the laughter and simplicity of friendship.


Join Candace Bevier-Heredia Friday, August 1st, 6p.m.-10p.m. at Lapis Gallery, 3971 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212, with a very special performance by Flamenco Guitarist Rene Heredia. Candace’s next stop will be in Madrid, Spain this fall.


Candace Bevier-Heredia and Rene Heredia

Candace Bevier-Heredia and Rene Heredia

“I find my inspiration through my best friends, family and being in the groove,” states Candace with her intoxicating and infectious smile. To learn more about Candace and Rene, visit or email them directly at [email protected]

Thank you for this amazing and intimate experience and introduction for those not familiar to the Flamenco life, music and message.

This is a Must Attend Event,  Friday, August 1st at Lapis Gallery, 6p.m. – 10 p.m., plan to attend, if even for a short while, you will not be disappointed.

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