The Perfect Pout

Ever wonder how to get flawless red carpet worthy lips? The secret is in the Cupid’s Bow. The Cupid’s Bow is the “V” in the middle of your lips. By defining this area your lips will appear fuller and shapelier. This is a makeup artist’s top lip tip to get the best lips out there.

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Lining your lips is key to achieving a solid lip foundation. From deep red glam to bright neon, you can create a perfectly defined lip to seal in your look. All you need to complete this tutorial is the lip liner of your choice.

X Marks the Spot:

Start from the highest point of your natural lip line and draw a line straight down and across your top lip. Repeat from the other peak of your lip creating an “X” in the middle of your lips.


Dramatic Cupid's Bow

Dramatic Cupid’s Bow

Beauty Tip: Add highlight to the “V” of your lip before lining for added definition.


Define the Bottom Lip:

Find the center of your bottom lip; this point should be below the “X” you have just created. Trace along your natural lip line drawing a small line from the center of your bottom lip outward.

Go Sideways:

Open your mouth slightly and draw a small “V” in the corner of your lips connecting the upper and bottom lips from the corner of your mouth.

BECCA Nude Liner Plump & Define Lip Pencil

BECCA Nude Liner Plump & Define Lip Pencil

Connect the Lines:

Using short strokes with the pencil, connect all of the lines that you have drawn. By using small brush strokes you will get a smoother line. Get the cleanest line possible by angling the pencil so that the only part that touches your lip is the finest point.


Beauty Tip:  Lining your lips helps prevent feathering and smudging of your lip color.


Finish your look by filling in the lines with the lipstick or lacquer of your choice. Try an ombre lip and choose a lipstick that is one shade darker or lighter than your lip liner. Blend the line slightly with your fingers or the lip color applicator to soften the lip line and final look.