You may be at work wondering how you can stay fit when you can’t do anything other than what you are doing – which is working. But with 303 Magazine’s pool party series all summer long and amazing concerts you don’t want to miss, why waste a single second of feeling and looking fabulous? We asked your co-workers how they stay in shape at work and here’s what fitness secrets they had to share.

1. Don’t nibble on those pastries.


“It’s hard not to sneak a bite of delicious apricot danishes or raisin french bread in the morning, but all my busy-ness won’t burn off those croissants. Remember that about 75% of staying healthy and weight control is nutrition, and 25% is activity – so eat well.”

-Anna, Bakery Production Worker

2. Workout on your lunch break.

“I go to the gym or go to crossfit during my lunch break. I also make sure to get up and walk around every so often to fill up my water bottle, stretch or go to the bathroom.”

-Erin, Product Allocator at The Sports Authority – Corporate

3. Create activity in everything.


“I take my students to the gym to play mathketball. The first team to solve a problem gets to shoot a basket and the team with the most baskets at the end wins.”

-Stephen, 9th Grade Math Teacher

4. Stay busy.


“I make it a point to volunteer my assistance with tasks I know will take place on the other end of the building – just to keep my blood pumping! In addition, my coworkers and I take quick walks on our breaks. This not only gets your body moving, but it is also so helpful in clearing your mind and refocusing.”

-Emily, At Risk Youth Leader and Mentor 

5. Walk around the office.

Photography by Jerusalem Gebreziabher

Photography by Jerusalem Gebreziabher

“I take laps around the outside of my building while catching some vitamin D. I always have a water bottle on my desk, so I make sure I get 32 oz of water a day. Pack your own lunch too so that you can save money and eat way healthier – give your body the nutrients you need.”

-Hayley, Technical Lead Recruiter 

6. Call shots, make moves.


“I sell skis and snowboards and then ride them with my clients – ‘product testing.’ Plus, I always take the stairs.”

-Kelly, Sales Gal at Global Sales Guys

7. Avoid 7-Eleven.


“Whatever is convenient and whatever is right there in front of you does not necessarily mean that it is the right choice for you. I cannot stress that enough – it is not the right choice for you. Eat what you feel will make you feel better. If you don’t, you’ll just end up eating tons of 7-Eleven pizza.”

-Ricky, City Year Team Leader

8. Challenge your colleagues.


Photography by Jerusalem Gebreziabher

Photography by Jerusalem Gebreziabher

“I have been utilizing the Skyline Park Games located just blocks from my office building downtown on Arapahoe & 16th street. If I can find a lunch buddy, I’ll take them to play a little mini golf or ladder ball so that we can get out in the fresh air and enjoy the sun.”

Rose, First Western Trust Bank

9. Bike to work.


“I can bike all the way down the Cherry Creek Trail to work if I want and then walk at least three different places for lunch to get local produce along Colfax. There is so much available in Denver that staying active for me has become more a matter of doing something simply because it’s the next event that sounds fun rather than doing something that I feel I have to check off my list.”

-Johnny, Youth Treatment Counselor 

10. Take a 4 minute break NOW.


“I get stressed out talking on the phone so much that I have to do something to calm down, so I do 50-100 pushups to relax myself. It takes 10 seconds.”

-Jeff, Banker’s Life & Casualty Insurance Agent

It may take you more than ten seconds, but give it a go. Do a 1 minute plank, 1 minute wall-sit, 20 pushups, 25 crunches and then repeat it three times. Drink a full 16 oz. glass of water after.

For more clever fitness strategies to stay healthy and happy, try to eat thy veggies or swap your desk chair for a wobble chair.