Dancing jellyfish, floating golf balls, psychedelic formations, mad shout outs, city skylines, various floating balloons, and heaps of dancing. Fans should take note that Break Science has taken the stage and they are here to stay. The duo entered into the green room sharply dressed and clear headed. Every time they take a trip to CO for a show, they make sure to stop by the Denver Jiberish Clothing hub for a wardrobe change.

This beautiful New York meets Colorado collaboration brings Break Science back to our home town turf just in time for some clear blue skies and mountain jams. They rushed down from the mountains heading from Vail to Denver and then headed back up the hill for a third night’s show in Frisco to spread some good old fashioned EDM music love.

Break Science - Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee | Photo Credit: (c) Diane L. Bullock

Break Science – Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee | Photo Credit: (c) Diane L. Bullock

I sat down with Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee before they took the stage on Saturday night at the Ogden Theater. Here are a few things they had to say about the time they have spent in Colorado and the many places their music takes them.

303 Magazine: What would you classify your music/ why are you different?

Adam Deitch: We just have a deep respect for all music. Jazz to vintage 60s souls, 70s styles, rock and roll. We have very deep appreciation for hip hop, all different styles of hip hop. We had a firm background of hip hop before we got into EDM.

Do you like to work with a lot of instruments?

Borahm Lee:We’re different because we don’t discriminate with any kinds of people or music. We really try to find the music in any form of music. We always try to find what we like about the music. We are open to all instruments or all sounds.

Deitch: Anything is game. (Deitch bangs on a water cooler to make a deep drum sound) See? Anything can be an instrument and that is the most exciting part.

Lee: We were in the airport the other day and we saw this Egyptian guy playing a string instrument that we had never seen before and we were able to record a little bit and play with the sound of that instrument. Sometimes we keep it very simple and it’s both, it’s manipulating that sound.

Deitch/ Lee: We’ve collaborate a lot with Pretty Lights and quite a few artists here (in Denver). Denver is the hub of our music. Michal Menert doing some vocal vibing with filter tweaking. Joey Porter from the Motet. There really are just so many talented musicians that will always take care of us when were come here and we are always excited to get together with to see what we come up with.

When you’re creating music do you have a direction you think the music is going to head in or do your songs just take on a mind of their own?

Deitch: Each song takes on its own form, is our child, our music is our children. (Neither one of them actually have any children at the moment.) They all develop in their own way and take on their own colors, shape, sound. There are so many different back stories as to why each was written.

Photo by Jacqueline Collins

Photo by Jacqueline Collins

Message in the music?

Lee: A lust for life. We are into expressing the sorrow. The music takes us there. We don’t have the message before the music. There is always something, we always try to look for that little deeper meaning.

Deitch: We try to keep it simple and try to enjoy our life. We try to rage responsibly. We know what it’s like to be the opening band, play for five people, get cut off. We take care of the people around us and we are thankful for everyone who makes this life possible. We’re definitely a band, we feel, that people can believe in. This is not just a project, this is a life long adventure that we feel very spatially involved in. We respect everyone’s search for the spirit and everyone’s path. We love to make people have fun and to party but we want to make sure that everyone is searching for that deeper meaning to take on their own path.

Break Science

Break Science at the Ogden Theater, Denver  | (c) Diane L. Bullock

What do you love about what you do?

Deitch: The fans. Our first three shows on the tour were packed houses and without you [the musician] changing your music to appeal to a wider audience but you stay true to your music and each time you see more and more people coming to the shows and the audience growing, that is the greatest feeling. That we aren’t compromising our music, we’re staying with our original concept. It’s evolving in it’s own way and seeing people come out and really knowing the music is a very rewarding experience.

Lee: Seeing new faces is what makes this all worth it. I really love that we don’t have a normal job, but being freelance all the time it isn’t as steady all the time. We both really love to travel but all the travel gets hard and when we’re on the road but when we see all those faces out there, it’s definitely worth it.

Lee: On the tour people nickname us the old married couple.

What is your favorite thing about Denver?

Deitch: Denver is the hub of electronic music. It’s electronic music. People, electronic musicians are migrating here. Especially this particular band that is hip-hop infused with electronic music. It’s got everything in the style that we like. It’s the birthplace of the electronic hip-hop soul infused music that we like. The fans really understand the different aspects of the styles and what we do. It’s a great place.

Lee: We love the nature, we love the laws, open mindedness. We really like this place. We’re worried about Colorado becoming over populated.

What can we expect moving forward for 2014?

Deitch/ Lee: We are really excited to play Bonnaroo and it will probably be the biggest crowd we’ve played for besides Decadence for New Years Eve. Break Science played the 30th and we jumped in with Derek on the 31st. We are doing a couple other festivals this summer as well. We’ve had no production for the last six or seven years, but we do understand the importance of visual with music. We both love visuals, we love the visual aspect and we understand the connection fans have with visuals and music. We have really been collaborating with digital artists and that is one of the more exciting upcoming things for our fans in 2014.

Deitch: We’re helping tweak certain ideas and colors and imagery.

Where do you see yourselves heading?

Deitch: Pretty Lights has always been a great connection. We have some international offers coming our way. We’re heading over to London hopefully this year to the London Bowl and it should be great. Going across seas for your own music is exciting. We love to collaborate with other artists and bring in all forms of music. One second we’ll be playing with a classical ensemble or a string quartet.

Tell the people of Colorado: Thank you for supporting us and treating us as your own even though we’re New Yorkers. Colorado feels like our second home. People here really take care of us. Shout out to the Denver Kush Club and Jibberish Clothing company. There is so much support for what we do and we want to shout out mad love to the people of Colorado. -Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee.