Brand New: PRIES releases new single “Let Me Be Great” on Sunday


In the land of surprise releases, PRIES is the king. The MC from Denver dropped the video for “Silver & Gold” with its wild imagery and “stay fly” sentiment in a consumer’s world.

Now, PRIES has released a teaser clip exclusively for 303 Magazine for upcoming single, “Let Me Be Great.” Both tracks — “Silver & Gold” and “Let Me Be Great” — are featured on his upcoming mixtape Revenge of the Nerd set for an April 16th release date. Never one to shy away from confidence and all the trouble that comes with it, PRIES is positively impressive in rhyme and delivery.

Despite the album’s title, you would be betting against the winning team to count PRIES out. Listen to the MC stunt using Jay-Z’s famous line that best describes letting your talent lead and shaking the haters off. PRIES is straight spitting on this one as he implores the audience to let him do what he does best — shine.

“Let Me Be Great” will be available for download this Sunday, March 23rd.


Written by Ru Johnson of 303 Magazine.

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