Fork It: Front Row Seats at TAG Restaurant

Tag 15What: TAG Restaurant

Where: Larimer Square

Pros: TAG’s menu is a great blend of the traditional (Kim Chi Rib Eye) and the unique (the Flash Seared Kampachi topped with Strawberry Pop Rocks). There’s literally something for everyone.

Cons: Located in the popular Larimer Square, your boyfriend may get impatient trying to find a place to park (this is from experience). Let him know that the Rib Eye is worth it.

When most people are asked to describe the best atmosphere for a date, they usually come up with the same answers: candlelit table, a bottle of wine, and a quiet area for conversation. To me, that seems unrealistic. Even if your date is your Prince Channing, there is no way you can keep up a conversation without at least a couple of awkward silences. Cue TAG Restaurant’s Chef’s Counter seating to save the night. By sitting at the bar, we were not only treated to an amazing dinner by the staff, but we had front row seats to all of the action of the night.

What immediately caught my eye, on the long list of cocktails at TAG, was that $1 from every Black Rose cocktail sold benefits Taste of the NFL Kick Hunger Challenge and supports local food banks. So I can drink a delectable cocktail mixed with vodka, muddled blackberries, lime and prosecco and help those in need around the city? Sign me up, please. Meanwhile, my boyfriend chose the Drivin’ Me Nuts cocktail. While it may seem like a strong boozy drink because it features rum and bourbon, it was actually really smooth. The Crusoe Spiced Rum and Old Forester Bourbon was combined with Fernet Branca and Pistachio Orgeat, making for a martini-type cocktail that was great to sip on throughout the meal.

Tag 7TAG offers a creative list of “social beginnings” that we couldn’t pick one ourselves. Luckily, our server recommended the Taco Sushi. I would never think about putting guacamole on my charred ahi sushi before, but the Chefs at TAG have found a great combination in tastes. Topped with sushi rice and Li-Hing Mango Salsa, the Taco Sushi was a great start to the evening.

Next up on the menu were the Sushi and Sashimi. Before I even got the menu earlier in the night, I saw one of the chefs assembling the Flash Seared Kampachi and I knew I had to try it.  The Kampachi presentation was awesome and tasted even better. With Yuzu, Jalapeno, Soy, Baby Tatsoi, Myoga, the raw fish had so much flavor. The final ingredient, Strawberry Pop Rocks, created a tangy flavor and was unlike anything I’ve had before.

After watching the chefs send out many dishes of the Kim chi Rib Eye with Potato Puree, the featured entrée of the night, we knew we’d be missing out if we didn’t order it. It was a huge and beyond satisfying portion of perfectly cooked rib eye, topped with mouthwatering Kim Chi. The Potato Puree was served underneath the meat, creating a delicious combination in every single bite.

TAG Restaurant made for a great date. Not only because of the delicious and unique menu, but the fact that throughout the night, we were able to watch the staff in action. For a foodie couple like us, this is awesome. The chefs and servers were extremely friendly and were willing to explain the menu to us and offer suggestions. If you are willing to leave it to the experts, head to Larimer Square and let the staff at TAG Restaurant show you and your date to a great night.

Photos by David Hach.


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