ConfluenceThere’s no missing the progressive edge of Confluence’s brand of rock music, especially not on their new record Singles. The four-member group will be releasing the new record this Saturday at the Hi-Dive (check out event information on Facebook.)

Lead singer Ian Gassman has grown into more of a recognizable figure in the Denver scene, his high buttery vocal style catching the attention of more than a few critics when he was fronting his previous band  Night Owls. The other guys in Confluence provide a backdrop that sounds smooth despite the occasional angular guitar melodies that drop in without warning. In their own bio, Confluence uses the term “math-y” to describe the arrangement, a good word choice – Confluence is not fully committed to the jag, but unfraid to rachet up the groove however they see fit.

The new album is not so much a whole as it is a string of collected singles (hence the title), recorded in full at Mammoth Cave studios with engineer Tim Gerak. Listening to the set, one can ascertain the style similarities carried over from their first EP I Haven’t Really Been Living. Nonetheless, Gassman has plenty new sorrows to share, accounting them lithely over a smooth seaming of bass and drums, then with a little more gusto as the guitar hooks come in on the refrain. Despite it’s title, the music does sound fuller and more focused.  This is even more apparent listening to their recent interview with Literati about how they took their time with this record and operated with a clear set of minds.

Besides the headliners, other Denver acs will be performing at the release show, including shoegazers Abandin Pictures, soul pop quartet Rossonian and Colorado Springs act El Toro de la Muerte. As an additional digital treat, those attending the show will receive a free download card containing Singles.