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Long gone are the days of your grandma’s fanny pack. The FlipBelt is sleek, practical, and all of the rage right now. I first became aware of this running belt while covering Fitness on the Rocks a few weeks ago – where these Westminster based mysterious FlipBelts were flying off the table.

It seems like whenever I go for a run there is always a need to carry something. Whether it be keys, a phone, cash, or ID cards. Of course, these things never fit in my pockets and running with a backpack is just a nuisance. I remember once during college I would even resort to hiding my keys in the bushes so I would not have to carry them but could still get back in to my building.

Experience Life

There are many colors to choose from —  I chose the Royal Blue while my product tester buddy chose the Violet. All belts have a reflective logo, which is great if you run outdoors at night. It is super easy to use. Basically you slide your goodies into one of the four slit-openings around the belt, and you are good to go. And after a couple of sweaty exercises, the fact that it is machine washable definitely comes in handy.

Putting it to the test…

I used my FlipBelt on a couple of 3-5 mile runs throughout my neighborhood while training for my next 303 adventure, the Muddy Buddy Boulder. I toted around the basics: my house keys, iPod, phone, and ID card. I really like that I could actually use the app I downloaded on my phone to chart my runs. I just set it, slipped it in the belt and it calculated my entire run. There is no way I would be able to do that if I was holding my phone or it was shoved into my sports bra. One morning it even started raining while I was running, but all electronics stayed safe and dry (well except the sweat that I was inflicting on them myself).

I will admit that sometimes I can be found watching too many Criminal Minds episodes, so I could not help but think while wearing this belt how much it would help me in an emergency. I went for my runs during the day in a safe area, but I will also admit that I checked to see if my pepper spray would fit in the FlipBelt, and it sure did. All crazy girl paranoia aside – if  I were to have a medical accident while out by myself, all of my information would be on me (literally) for someone to help.


My outdoorsy friend, Caiti McDaniel, put hers to the test while hiking through the California mountains. Even though she carried a backpack, she used her FlipBelt for easy access to her camera throughout the hikes. Like me, and all of the other keys-in-the-bush-hiders of the world, her past is filled with tales of being locked out of her house because no one was home to let her in after a run. If only we had known what we know now.

“It was really convenient to just reach into the belt for my camera, and not have to fish it out of my backpack every time I wanted to take a picture” McDaniel said. “I actually got a lot of compliments on it as well from people thinking it was a new style — little did they know it is also functional.”

We both agree that everything really does stay in place and it can hold a lot of stuff while still looking sleek and not bulky.

It seems my sports-bra-shoving and bush-diving days are over now that I have discovered this fold over waistband with the functionality of a fanny pack. I would recommend it to all exercisers and those who often find themselves needing to be hands free.

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Belt Close Up

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