177499948Having healthy skin is a beauty essential for a great many. Some fortuitously acquire it by virtue of genetics, well others contend for acquisition of this aesthetic commodity. In either plot, it is the sustainment of healthful skin that remains to be the obstacle. This is particularly true for those individuals who are inflicted with—acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, stretch marks, or dry skin—and incessantly struggle to keep their skin regulated.  Bearing in mind that none of us are immortal, if we are aren’t stricken with one of the prior listed ailments, time will inevitably take its toll.

Q: How can our skin withstand time and all of the other damaging contenders?

The ancient Greeks have used a medicinal remedy for generations. It has unique proprietary benefits that allows it to never fade in vibrancy, nor vitality. The people of Greece have referred to it as “gold from the sun.”  At present this skin marvel is referred to as the essential oil of everlasting.

A: Use the essential oil of the Immortelle Plant.

Grown under the Corsican sun around the Mediterranean Sea this flower has been deemed its name due to its exceptional ability. Even after the flower is plucked or cut, it still sustains its brilliant gold shade and never wilts.  The loveliness of this flower never wanes, which is what preeminently intrigued people, and has now inspired several to use it as a main component in beauty concoctions.

Botanical Name: Helichrysum Italicum

Native Origin: Corsica

Medicinal Portion: Flower

Color: Yellow

Fragrance: Earthy and Warm

Medicinal Benefits: Skin healing—aids in cell renewal, anti-inflammatory, wrinkles, acne, scars, bumps, bruises, dry skin, and other various skin concerns.