Remember that old lore, do not name the puppy until you are ready to adopt?  Well… this adage has some lucid wisdom. Many of us get excited about the notion of something or someone new. This often renders disappointing when it is not exactly what we thought or it simply does not work out. I personally do not like being disappointed, thus I apply this concept to a rule of dating.

Do not name the puppy dog (person you are dating) until your ready to buy it tags…140388872

Conversely, I use shallow key identifiers. Such as their occupation, ensemble, level of attractiveness or geographical location e.g.—The Teacher, Blue Coat Guy or Girl, The Smokin Stud or Sexy Dame, Colorado Springs—you get the picture.

A critical part of the nicknaming rule is you must be thorough. When chatting with your comrades address your new potential by their nickname, list them in you contacts under the nickname, and so on.  Avoid social media, for various reasons.

  • One, social media gives them too much depth, at this point you do not need to know their whereabouts or the details of their life
  • Two, it will often lead to romanticizing about future incorporation.
  • Three, many fall prey to “social media stalking”, this will likely only lead to irrational thoughts and behavior.
  • So…Just don’t do it.

This may appear as a lack of commitment, however I would confute it is a method to avoid disillusionment. The time to commit is when you know that puppy suits your lifestyle, your prepared to bring it home, and ready to buy it tags.

The next step is the training…


Advice from your confidant: Always verify the pedigree before saying, yes, & never give the puppy a “treat” until it learns the trick, no matter how much they beg.