Food Truckin’: Culinary Adventures at Pink Tank

Photograph by Jerusalem Gebreziabher Dog About Town
Photograph by Jerusalem Gebreziabher Dog About Town
Photograph by Jerusalem Gebreziabher
Dog About Town

What: Pink Tank
Where: Follow Pink Tank on Twitter to find out their next location
Recommendation: The Dog About Town

If you’re looking for dinner and a show Pink Tank is definitely where it’s at. They are serving up some gastronomic adventures and have the personalities to match their fun and crazy food. There are three employees that you can usually find stirring things up a Pink Tank: Owner David, grill-master Ryan, and 12 year old ‘front-woman’ Jaidyn. David and Ryan always keep each other on their toes and they let their crowd know it. You’ll often find them yelling “hurry up” and “what the hell do you think you’re doing”, but it’s all in good fun. Jaidyn on the other hand means business and just might be the most kick-ass 12 year old I’ve ever met, with her rockin’ pink hair and her mad MMA skills. It is a real treat to order at Pink Tank ; they have no problem with telling you exactly what you’re going to order but of course if you have your heart set on something they won’t refuse.

Photograph by Jerusalem Gebreziabher The Benz Burger
Photograph by Jerusalem Gebreziabher
The Benz Burger

The personalities might draw you in but the food is what keeps you coming back for more. Eating at Pink Tank is truly one of kind. To give you a taste of what I’m talking about, their best seller is their homemade Chicken and Waffles.  They start off with an incredibly fluffy cake batter waffle and pile up three crunchy, fried drumsticks. The dish then gets a good drizzle of house made hot sauce and a scoop of hot sauce ice cream, yes I said hot sauce ice cream! To make it even more over the top, its gets a caramel maple syrup and bacon crumbles. This dish pushed to the max.


If you think the Chicken and waffles sound good check out my recommendation for the week: the Dog About Town. This Hot Dog has everything you could ever want in a meal. It starts off with the standard dog and bun but that’s where the normalcy ends. The Dog About Town has a mound of roasted green chilies, real deal thick-cut, maple bacon all topped with cheddar cheese. Here’s the kicker though, the dog gets a squirt of peanut butter which totally makes the meal by adding a salty heartiness.

Pink Tank is no stranger to good food either because they are a proud member of Food Truck Row, which is the largest organization of food trucks in Denver. They constantly do events with some of your favorite food trucks ensuring there is something for everyone. This week I checked them out at the First Friday Artwalk where I got to feel classy for a day perusing through art galleries and trying out some gourmet food.

Photograph by Jerusalem Gebreziabher Chicken & Waffles
Photograph by Jerusalem Gebreziabher
Chicken & Waffles

The Pink Tank is no joke when it comes to high quality food and with the majority of prices under 10 dollars it’s a steal. This makes Pink Tank the perfect date night for adventurous eaters and foodies alike. But calorie counters beware because this food will surely knock you off the diet band wagon because it just tastes oh so good. And if you’re out late and have had a few too many, it’s Pink Tank to the rescue. They serve up lots of late night breakfast eats and we all know breakfast is the best cure for one too many mojitos. So be sure to check out the Pink Tank gang and get ready for a good time and a full belly.


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