The date is drawing near–your excitement expands, it pushes on your thoughts, as you prepare to combust into an event of anticipated excellence–the 303 Pool Party Series.


Now, speaking of combustion, some people have an inkling of fear–bursting out of their swimsuit. Nothing like pool party attire to bring to mind those sometimes neglected fitness goals. But, people need to transform that inkling of fear into a spark of motivation.

Let’s be honest, there is no way to achieve “super model” status in two weeks. What a person can accomplish is a beginning to balanced weight loss, noticeable success, and a status of confidence.


I am proffering a two week guide of beginner tips for foundational fitness.  I will even include a fitness model trade secret for instant gratification for the big day.

Preparations: I want participants to be prepared to eat lean proteins e.g., turkey, chicken, eggs, and nuts. Moderate carb intake by consuming them in the morning, but keep it light e.g., oatmeal, english muffins. Increase consumption of vegetables and low-sugar fruits e.g.–grapefruit, blueberries–apples and bananas are admissible for juicing or protein shakes.

Detox Tea (cleansing):  Consume a detox tea two days in the beginning of week one and two days in the beginning of week two. For the duration of the two days eat as a minimalist. This can include–but not limited too salads–veggies (steamed, grilled, or raw), veggie juices, nuts, low-sugar fruits, and consume a sufficient amount of water. I drink 1.5 Liters a day. This will help cleanse your digestive tracks and aid your body in a fresh start. Thereupon your two day cleanse begin to incorporate your lean proteins.

Probiotics (Replenish): Post cleansing you will have not only eliminated excess waste in your stomach and digestive tracks, but consequently removed a portion of the healthy flora (bacteria). Probiotics can aid in the resuscitation of your healthy flora. A strong balanced body must commence from within. My preferred product is Inner Eco, which is available at many health markets. Kombucha is also a great source of live cultures (probiotocs). Take the probiotics as directed on the container.

Abdominal Band (sweat it off):  Wear an abdominal band. People often have untrained stomach muscles, giving way to the “pot or beer belly” effect.  This over emphasizes an individual’s weight.  Abdominal bands can support the core. Sustaining a flexed core will strengthen and tone it. This trains the stomach to naturally stay “sucked in”, but in an almost effortless manner. The abdominal band additionally induces sweating, which prompts a slimmed down mid-section appearance. I recommend wearing it as frequently as possible and to combine with cardio for a dynamic duo.

Exercise Basics:  If you do not attend a gym and do not have an exercise routine—incorporate a few exercise basics to tone your body at home.

  • Planks & Side Planks- These will strengthen you core and tone your abdominals—hold for twenty seconds in repetitions of five.
  • Donkey Kicks- Targets your glutes—start out with fifteen reps.
  • Wall Sits- Isolates your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes—attempt for one minute in the beginning.
  • Push Ups- Tones upper body and core—start doing five push ups in repetitions of three—if needed perform modified version (knees on the floor.)
  • Cardio- Beginners, attempt to reach a minimal of seven to ten minutes at a jogging pace.


Diuretics (Water Bloat): A trade secret for instant gratification. Many fitness models and models will ingest diuretics the day or night prior to an event or show. Diuretics expel excess water weight “bloating.” This can promote the skin to contour tightly around the muscles and bone structure–giving a chiseled and toned appearance. Caution, I would not advise this on a regulatory basis–it dehydrates the body. I recommend Boat away by Irwin Naturals.

These steps exhort methods to pursue a trimmer toned you, having that pool party ready bod, but more importantly they lay a beginning. That beginning is an approach to healthy fitness success.

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