Accessorize Me: Dear Pink, Meet Orange

Peach, salmon or coral — pick your potion because they are this summer’s magic color. Whatever you call it, that orangey-pink color has taken over and it is the perfect way to add some seasonal flair to your favorite basics. Coral has become the new neutral. It can be mixed in with just about any other colors and the best way is to make it the heart of your accessories.

Three Ways To Wear This Look

                                                                                           Casual In Coral 

Layered coral accessories add a refined look to a basic outfit.

  Pretty In Peach

Peach accessories add a feminine pop of color to the neutral dress in your closet.

Sexy In Salmon

Rose gold has the perfect undertones to pair with your brightest salmon dress.

Celebrities Loving the Look

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.30.18 PM
Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria look peachy in peach!

Peach is the perfect blend of a feminine pink and a bold orange. Always making a statement, this punchy color can be as subtle or as central as you dare, but unlike other trendy colors, the risk of error is far less. Neons and other bold colors can become quickly overwhelming, but this blushed orange can be dialed up or dialed down for every occasion. Summer is hot and so is this color!

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