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Toyota is a driving strength behind philanthropy. Test-drive a Toyota at Denver Zoo Saturday, May 11th commencing at 9:00 am–3:00 pm. Two free tickets for the zoo will be awarded to non-zoo member participants! Zoo patrons’ attendance will result in a $30 dollar donation to the Red Apple Scholarship Fund. Make the statement of contribution and not just by showing up. Every post and tag @Toyota on Facebook will donate an exceeding $20 dollars, accumulating up to the $5,000-dollar mark.

Toyota is a proud partner of the Denver Zoo’s Toyota Elephant Passage and Toyota is the Official Vehicle of Denver Zoo.

R&D pic 2For more information visit http://www.denverzoo.org/event/toyota-test-drive.


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  1. Tandee Cook

    Clear and to the point just the way I like it. What a Great event Thank You for the information. I will be sure to do my part.

  2. Tandee Cook

    Perfectly informed clear and to the point leaving nothing to question. Brandan did a great job with giving the 411 while highlighting the cause behind it to an attractive HELP OUT the cause…


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