A cotton-lace skirt pairs well with a silk shirt.

A cotton-lace skirt pairs well with a silk shirt.

Lace making is an art that has been around since ancient times. Made of thread from linen and cotton, to gold and silver, to silk and synthetics, this delicate and intricate fabric is nothing new to fashion. If only gold and silver was still being used to make lace—now that would be a style worth investing in, literally. Regardless of the thread source, this old-school fabric is making a serious comeback in designers’ spring and summer collections.

This feminine fabric will no longer be relegated to your fancy dresses and lingerie.

Lace is breaking free of ancient traditions and donning a new look. From shorts to skirts to shirts, lace will be a popular accent to any outfit. But remember, there can be too much of a good thing, so don’t over-do it.

One of the most popular styles for lace this spring is a heavier lace made from cotton that is used for either skirts or shorts. Not only is it a bit more durable than a silk or synthetic lace, but it is also a more casual way to carry off this look. Adorable for and bopping around town in the summer and it will keep you far cooler than a silk or synthetic (something all masochists—like me for many years—should know when subjecting yourself to some of those hotter states.)

The sheerness of this top adds to its delicate feel.

The sheerness of this top adds to its delicate feel.

But if you are looking for a dressier and more delicate look, a silk or synthetic lace is the way to go. Far lighter and thinner, this lace tends to have a flowing-look. While this type of lace usually has sheer spots, it can be a very feminine selection for an evening top—as long as it isn’t too brazen. Pairing a sheer lace top with an opaque lace bra gives off an elegant and chic vibe. Silk and synthetic laces generally make for articles of clothing that are likely to hang more naturally on the body. Rather than a structured cotton short or skirt, lace will literally move with the breeze.

Because lace is closely associated with lingerie, you must be careful. We have all seen that woman in a silk or lace tank top looking like they never should have left the bedroom. So as you incorporate lace into your wardrobe, think “classic structure.” Lace speaks enough for itself, and to keep it chic and classy instead of brazen and trashy, pick items that have a classic shape and structure. While fashion does not to have “rules” per se, it does have trends and they’re far from forgiving—so sticking to variations of a classic is usually a safe bet.

I know we will all see women wearing heals, or shoes of some sort, that have lace on them. And in solidarity, let’s promise one another that we’ll never be one of those women. Lacey heals scream “trying too hard!” I respect

The flowing nature of these lace shorts is flattering to the leg.

The flowing nature of these lace shorts is flattering to the leg.

any woman that knows how to push a style or take fashion to the next level—and sometimes that means a little bit of experimenting. But some experiments need to remain a secret between you and your mirror, but other things are just a definite “no” from the start.

Color also plays an important role with lace—but then again, it does with everything. Lace tends to look the best in neutrals. Given the innate existence of a pattern in lace, color can overwhelm this delicate fabric. Although if you pair it well with the rest of your outfit, you’ll be just fine. A coral, lace top with white skinnies and wedges sounds adorable to me. But if in doubt, stick with the neutrals.

So as you prep for the beautiful weather that cannot get here soon enough, have fun incorporating this feminine fabric into your closet.

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