It was 2008 and James Morse refused to eat a dish without first adding hot sauce and cheese–gobs of it. Before he knew it everything he was shoveling into his face tasted the same, consequently making the contents shoveled down irrelevant. Totinos pizza? Better make it two. Chimichanga? He’ll take three. Name a greasy dish and as long as it had cheddar and Tapatio Morse would inhale it. These eating habits caught up to him fast, which in turn slowed him down. Looking like the scraggly chubby kid in the group was okay, but a slight wheeze walking up the driveway was too much. Something had to change.

JamesMarveling at the action figure James has chiseled himself into these days, you would never believe he was that same meatloaf mauling couch cruiser from five years ago. He runs high altitude marathons, instructs gymnastics, yoga, spin, started his own running club, and by his own proclamation could probably take you in a game of 1v1 basketball.

So what turned James into this able and hard body you ask? Well the first thing he will tell you is that it wasn’t some “get fit quick” pill or powder gimmick. It was education. Education about what he was putting into his body and how every bit affected him. Education on the best things to put into his body and the best times to do so. James wants to share his nutritional education with you, which he really calls empowerment, in his new nutrition program.

James is a Specialty Trainer (gymnastics, yoga, spin)  and Nutritional Adviser for Qi on 26th and Walnut who wants to help you take hold of your nutritional regiment, or lack of, and make you feel good about what you’re putting into your body and help you maximize your fitness.

The Qi Nutritional Transformation Program is a collection of daily emails designed to help keep you accountable, inspired and on track with your healthy lifestyle and fitness goals. The program is for absolutely anyone who wants to be healthier, or for the athlete who feels they have plateaued.

The emails are comprised mainly of:

  • Healthy and extremely time-efficient recipes
  • Good deals on healthy options at local grocers (Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, King Soopers, etc.)
  • Insight into James’ personal diet
  • Hangover recovery -and steps to take before going out to prevent hangovers!
  • Medicinal Herbs and Supplement education
  • Inspirational quotes and ideas about the philosophy of a truly healthy nutritional lifestyle

qinutritionThe inspiring and highly informative program is $25/month with a 6 month auto-renew commitment, $35 with no commitment. The cost also includes one workshop/Q&A each month beginning in MAY with James and guest speakers at Qi Downtown Functional Training Center regarding a full mind/body approach to nutrition.

James also offers discounted corporate rates, so if you think your office is looking a little fluffy around the edges, this program will serve as a much needed kick in the ass. It highlights how to stay nutritious while staying within your budget, so there is no excuse.

Give James a try–he’ll even show you a photo from his days prior to a nutritional education. And if you’re still not quite sold on nutrition being the answer, go catch James tomorrow (Friday 22nd) in Westminster at the Rocky Mountain MS center where he will be giving a speech on behalf of the King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP), and will go over Healthy Eating on a Budget.

Be healthy, be happy.