Accessorize Me: Dramatic Earrings

Sleek hair, cat-eye and dramatic earrings.
Perfect earrings with this patterned top.
Perfect earrings with this patterned top.

Spring is knocking at the door and that means we can finally put away all of the bulky sweaters, scarves and jackets. And bust out a few sleeker items. With all of the layering necessary to stay warm during the winter, sometimes jewelry gets lost in the mix. But with less clothing in the spring and summer, it is the perfect time to doll yourself up will all of your favorite jewelry. This season’s trend: dramatic earrings.

No matter the shape, the size or the color, bigger is better for earrings this season. With silk tops, tanks and dresses, earrings are a great way to make any outfit more fun and more chic. They are particularly great at dressing up an outfit.

Covering yourself in jewelry is always an option, plenty of women do it and it can be adorable. But when you wear decadent and over-sized earrings, they take care of themselves. There is no need to wear a necklace in addition to them, in fact, I would advise against it. They speak for themselves. But throw on a few bangles and rings just for good measure.

For those of you who love wearing jewelry but feel limited by the way in which some of your tops or dresses are cut—high necklines or intricate detailing—I agree, a necklace is not a good option.

You never want your jewelry to detract from your clothing: the goal is to add something special to your look.

So fear those high necklines no more, big earrings are the solution. They add to the outfit, but literally do not interfere with it like a necklace might.

Sleek hair, cat-eye and dramatic earrings.
Sleek hair, cat-eye and dramatic earrings.

Fashion is a way of life. So those of you committed to fashion from the depths of your souls, I feel you—we need accessories and articles of clothing that make us feel like runway models. Something dramatic, something different, something that your other friends might not have the confidence to pull off. Dramatic earrings.

This style has a million possibilities, so cater it to your style. If you never wear silver, wear an ornate gold earing. If you don’t like wearing heavy earrings, pick a lightweight and adorned hoop. Or if you’re headed on vacation, pack the dramatic earrings because unlike other jewelry, earrings won’t leave you with tan lines—so relax in style by the pool or ocean.

To further accentuate these earrings and to further appeal to their dramatic vibe, try wearing them with an up-do. Whether a sleek up-do or a relaxed one, this allows the earrings to take center stage. To complete the look, try using a natural, make-up palette with some striking black eyeliner. You can never go wrong with a good cat-eye.

Don’t believe me? Trust Heidi, Alicia and Miranda.



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