I just can’t get enough of Thin Man Tavern.

If only Thin Man Tavern were an actual man (as opposed to a quirky neighborhood bar located on 17th and Race Street), I think I would be in love with him. He would be foreign (Spanish, most likely) and I would find him sitting alone, brooding over the state of society while writing a piece for the Daily Worker. He would seem intimidating at first, as though he would be disinterested in my insignificant hobbies that have nothing to do with changing the world, but once I approached him he would smile a warm and familiar grin, flick his cigarette to the side and welcome me to throw back some cold ones and share in some laughs. He would be an inclusive, easy-going intellectual who lived for dizzy nights of strangers and shenanigans, while longing to make memories he could “wow” people with for decades.

That is Thin Man.

You may think I am laying it on pretty thick (ok, I am a little), but once you step into Thin Man Tavern, you will know precisely what I am talking about. Thin Man is like no other bar in Denver. It is relaxed, idiosyncratic, and lively. I felt at home as soon as I walked through the doors and set gaze upon the smiling bartenders schmoozing with the regulars, and felt embraced by the warm, rich, golden colors of the walls. Ornamental Crucifixes are the décor by the back patio, and Jesus paraphernalia can be seen glowing behind a bar adorned with pink lights. Warning: this bar is not for the claustrophobic. The tiny space leaves little to no walking room, and the only salvation you have from standing in the walkway and getting prodded by everyone trying to get through is the rare chance that you find a table to sit at. It is like my friend said as we were trapped for ten minutes trying to move from one end of the space to the other, “Now I know why they call it ‘Thin Man.’”

Nevertheless; this bar is worth the hassle of the crowds, especially since the crowds are made up of mostly happy, friendly patrons who frequent the scene. If you are looking to meet people, Thin Man needs to be one of your stops. Whether you are looking to make some new friends or searching for a soul mate, Thin Man’s gathering has all types. This bar is non-discriminant and attracts many different people, from starving artists and ruminating intellectuals to style-conscious professionals and fun-loving partyers.

Now most importantly, the drinks.

If you like vodka and beer, Thin Man is your guy. Thin Man is known for its infused vodkas which come in flavors such as cucumber, jalapeno, and basil, so no matter what mood you are in or what the season may be, there is always a fitting vodka drink to try. The lemonade and sweet tea infused vodka is a simple yet refreshing drink that the Tavern has perfected, as well. The Dirty Tomato Jalapeno Martini may sound like a cocktail concocted by a sadistic practical joker who wanted to see tears in the eyes of his patrons, however, it is surely a drink sent from Heaven. Spicy and strong, the Dirty Tomato Jalapeno Martini is a drink you must try at least once while visiting Thin Man, and can, apparently, cure any hangover. Thin Man also has dozens of domestic and international beers on tap for those barley and hops enthusiasts. Do not leave without trying the Apple Pie Whisky shots which go down smooth and will surely get you shnockered. Thin Man is by far one of the best places to go on a Friday or Saturday night in Denver. Unwind, drink, and meet fun and interesting people all while enjoying a unique, BoHo scene.