Chris Vrenna 2012

Raiding someone’s music library is kind of like perusing their bookshelf: it gives a glimpse into their inspiration, the color of their worldview and what, exactly, sparks that intangible emotional friction inside their head and heart. If it’s the collection of someone who inspires you, even better.

When I interviewed Chris Vrenna last year, he admitted that his manager was the motivator for pulling out the records and tracks of his own collection and spinning them live for fans. Revisiting music that, in some cases, he had not listened to in years thrust him sublimely back in time.

Experiencing live the tracks of his inspiration is a taste of the splendiforous

Though more people know Vrenna for his magic stick work with Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, music connoisseurs know him for the majesty of his Tweaker project and the oft enchanting nature of his producing and programming efforts. For someone with such an eclectic creative output, experiencing live the tracks of his inspiration is a taste of the splendiforous.

Call the Time EternityA mix of 1980s electronic and industrial blended with newer tuneage from the likes of Army of the Universe and others, a Vrenna DJ set vivifies the air–leaving listeners a little electrically charged. Tonight, Vrenna brings his DJ set back to Denver at Norad Dance Bar downtown. Launching Norad’s new Last Rites night at the bar, tonight’s set also doubles as a Tweaker CD release party with giveaways of the newest record, Call the Time Eternity (which we loved).

Chris Vrenna at Norad Dance Bar, 9 p.m. Ages 21+.

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