Tish Zagroli, Creative Director at Circa 1801, affiliate of Valdese Weavers.

If there’s anyone that knows home fashion, it’s Tish Zagaroli, Creative Director of Circa 1801.  As a leading textile manufacturer, Circa’s voice echoes throughout the world of Interiors, adorning furnishings both domestically and worldwide.  Find their woven designs upholstered to frames from industry kings such as Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Vanguard, Baker Furniture, and more.

Zagaroli graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design in 1999 and has been working at Circa 1801 ever since.  The Economic Crash of 2008 necessitated significant changes in company infrastructure.  Valdese Weavers purchased the company and kept key players in the game, namely Zagaroli and a few colleagues she had mentored along the way.

303 Magazine was lucky enough to catch the busy traveler between design excursions to discuss current home fashion trends.  Frequenting Chicago, New York, Paris, and even cities throughout Italy, her eye for style only becomes more distinguished over time.  Read more to find out her perspective on home essentials, the family business, and her children’s inherent attention to detail:

Evidence of Zagaroli’s innate creativity. The Circa designers painted plates for the ITMA educational foundation silent auction that took place last month.

303 Magazine:  What are your favorite home fashion trends for 2013?

Tish Zagaroli:  I’m drawn to bright color blocking and the use of more natural fibers, like linen.

303:  When choosing textile patterns for the home, what is most important to consider?

TZ:  Color is very important.  I tend to like more trendy color combinations.  It is nice to layer them with liveable neutrals.  Then, when you are ready to change color or style you do not have to change all the major pieces.

303:  Defining your style at home can be similar to making selections for your wardrobe, explain how to stay true to your original fashion sense when it comes to home decorating.

TZ:  I like to keep the style of the home somewhat true, it’s like having a style icon to influence your fashion choices.  Our home is mid century, built in the 1950’s.  We have updated the entire house, but we have tried to do it with a modern approach to mid century.

303:  How often do you update your interior, and where is currency most important?

TZ:  I always have the next big project planned, but in between I like to change bed linens and colors in our bedroom.  I love having all different types of colors and textured pillows to mix and match for whatever the season or trendy mood I am in.

303:  If you could shop anywhere in the world for home accessories, where would it be?

TZ:  Paris.

303:  What do you find most rewarding about living in a stylish home?

TZ:  Being different.  My 5-year-old said to me one day, “Mommy, our house isn’t like any of my friends.”  That was our first conversation about how being different can be really cool.  My kids draw and color houses with a flat roof. We even make flat roof gingerbread houses at Christmas time to decorate.

303:  Name a compelling coffee table hardback about Interiors.

Zagaroli favors Mid-Century Modern furnishings.  Shown here is a favored read: Pantone, The 20th Century in Color.

TZ:  Pantone, The 20th Century in Color.  I am also excited for Heather Clawson’s book Habitually Chic: Creativity at Work in November.  I love her blog.

303:  How do you know if a home accessory is worth the splurge versus waiting?

TZ:  I love anything with a history, the pieces we find in an antique market or family pieces that are handed down mean so much to me.  My father-in-law and husband are both furniture designers, so we have very neat original pieces that they have enjoyed collecting together.

303:  Explain the recipe to creating a home that is comfortable for you, as well as inviting and attractive for visitors.

TZ:  I think lighting is very important, we have dimmers in every room in our house.  Also, I love setting a mood with good tunes.  Music is one of my passions.  A few candles and pillows are always a must when it comes to entertaining friends.  We also have 2 small children, and having neat organized play spaces for them is very important.  I don’t want our friends and their kids to walk into our house and feel like they cannot play.  That’s what playrooms and tree houses are for.

2013 Trending at the Circa 1801 Studio. Photo courtesy of Circa 1801.
















303:  Name one fashion accessory you can’t live without, both at home and in your wardrobe.

TZ:  Scarves…for fashion and pillows or curtains for the home.  I like changing all the textiles in my house because every season I have a new favorite color or pattern.

The practicality behind Zagaroli’s modern aesthetic is something we can all work towards.  It’s important to express your personal style from the inside out.  Thanks Tish.