A girl walks into a bar.
That’s me.
I’m the girl, and after a rough day of working two jobs, dodging traffic, and running errands, I needed an escape from my somewhat stressful and mundane reality. I had been hearing the buzz about a local Tiki bar that had opened just four months ago, and presumed that something different was just what I needed after a long day. I realized quite quickly that Adrift Tiki Bar (located on South Broadway and Cedar) was exactly what I needed to get away for a while.

From first sight, I could tell that Adrift was not the usual lackluster bar I had grown so accustomed to through my vast bar-hopping experiences. From its calming azure blue and strong bamboo walls to its wild Tiki totem poles, I knew that this bar was different from all the rest. After walking into the main dining area, I was immediately transported to a different time and place, expecting to look out the windows and see Bogart and Bacall kicking up their heels in warm sand and sunlight.  I took a seat on the wooden stools at the bar top made of bamboo and noticed the extensive display of rum which made me wonder if I was in Heaven.

Yes, I am a rum lover, fanatic, radical, and Adrift has a massive variety of 40 rum selections to choose from, ranging from well-known rums like Malibu to the lesser-known rums like Lemon Hart. I immediately ordered a Missionary’s Downfall, which is a mix of pineapple, mint, rum and lime, and let the Island feeling soak over me. It was love at first sip.

My friend and I then decided to be really courageous and try the famous Scorpion Bowl, a concoction of a whole slew of alcohol (one of them being rum, shocking!) and some juice, served in a giant bowl with two straws. Needless to say, we had to walk home. To sober up a bit, my friend and I decided to try some of the things on the menu that kept close to theme with its array of Island food. We ordered the duck spring rolls and the lemongrass roasted chicken thigh that we thought could not be topped until we saw another interesting item on the menu: Mufungo chips. Seriously, try seeing Mufungo chips on a menu after slurping down a Scorpion Bowl and see if you are not as intrigued as we were. Basically deep-fried plantains, Mufungo chips are warm, gooey and delicious and a perfect way to end the food course of your journey at Adrift.


All Adrift’s cocktails have that cool Oasis flair and are always served with a friendly and warm smile. The entire Adrift staff treats their guests as valued friends and acts as though they have known them forever. Cast away your worries and take in some Island scenery without ever leaving Denver at Adrift Tiki Bar.