Photo courtesy of Sammy T

Save for a Jack Johnson concert, musicians love getting the crowd rowdy. Connecting the music with the crowd inspires physical and, on occasion, existential movement for both parties. Concertgoers now show up for shows rocking sweatbands and tank tops looking eerily similar to the Call on Me music video cast. Inspired, Alex Chapman created the event Fitness on the Rocks to institute an annual fitness concert at Red Rocks. In order to ensure an exhilarating acoustic experience, he enlisted local artist Sammy T. And, lucky for us, 303 Health and Sports was able to sit down with Sammy T over coffee for an exclusive conversation where we learned just what inspires him and his style.

Undoubtedly, Sammy T has helped pioneer the electronic dance music scene in Denver. His 12 years of experience allows him to seamlessly mix vocal tracks over different beats reinventing familiar sounds. On occasion, he adds in his guitar creating an engaging, personal, and captivating experience for the audience. We learned, however, that his inspiration dates back decades. After seeing Pearl Jam at Red Rocks back in 1996, Sammy promised himself, “I will play at Red Rocks” and reaffirmed this promise in his journal repeating it detention-style, covering five pages front and back.

Photo courtesy of Sammy T

While tearing through the Denver underground scene and forcing numerous clubs to remodel (imagine ceiling panels crashing to the floor from his beats), he caught the attention of promoter Kevin Larson. Due to his distinct style and arousing music, Sammy T kept his promise to himself and made it to Red Rocks — not once, not twice, but multiple times. Rest assured, he knows how to get the best out of this natural venue, pairing his motivating, rhythmic tunes with the stimulating atmosphere.

Each of us has put together some kind of workout mix over the years, ranging from AC/DC to Creed (divine inspiration on the free weights!) to Jock Jams. I encourage you to come out to Fitness on the Rocks and allow Sammy T to expose you to more music designed to propel you.

So tell us Denver, what’s on your favorite workout mix?

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