The claws finally come out in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City and I couldn’t be happier. Catfight, anyone?

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY — Season 5 — Pictured: Ramona Singer — Photo by: Michael Rosenthal/Bravo

The gossip kicks off at Ramona’s lunch with Carole and Aviva. In true housewife fashion, the ladies talked behind Heather’s back for the majority of the outing. Though it is mainly Ramona making jabs at Heather for talking too much, I was surprised that both Aviva and Carole chimed in with support. It seems the ladies couldn’t stop talking about how Heather talks so much. Here’s a tip: take a look in the mirror. All of you have a lot to say. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be on the show. No one wants to watch a quiet mouse. Pick a new topic of conversation, please.

Then there was Sonja’s outing with LuAnn. I was shocked when she informed LuAnn that she fibbed to Ramona, saying that she couldn’t go to lunch with Ramona and the other ladies earlier in the day. It seems that Sonja and Ramona are attached at the hip, so I’m wondering what drove her to lie to Ramona. Then again, maybe it was to impress the precious countess. It’s no secret that Sonja is all about appearances and social status so who better to satisfy than someone with a royal title?

Perhaps the most uncomfortable scene to watch was when Heather and Ramona meet for drinks. Just as I suspected, Heather invited Ramona to see if she was truly sincere about her apology for the way she reacted to the news that Heather’s father died. Surprise, surprise, she wasn’t. All Ramona wanted from that apology was an invite to London from Heather but Heather didn’t budge. I love her for that. Finally, a housewife who stands up to Ramona from the get-go instead of pretending that they can have a friendship when it’s all too clear they butt heads. Maybe Heather isn’t boring after all.

The atmosphere remains serious when Aviva opens up about her phobias to Heather when they’re out for drinks. Because of her accident, Aviva has trouble with elevators and traveling on planes without her husband Reid (or any machinery that she could possibly get trapped in). Now I understand where she is coming from (as we all have things that we are afraid of), but how bad must her phobias be if she has to hold onto Heather’s hand while riding the elevator? Don’t you live in a city where elevators are in virtually every building? You’d think she’d be used to them by now.

Another thing I found curious about Aviva was her discussion with Heather about Ramona. Aviva butters Heather up saying she thinks she has a lot of nice things to say so she can talk to her as much as she pleases. What happened to what you said at lunch, Aviva? It seems to me that she’s a flip-flopper. Aviva says whatever pleases the person she’s with instead of sticking to one opinion. While she may be trying to keep the peace, I find her actions to be spineless. You can’t expect to make everyone happy. Take a position and stand by it.

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY — Season 5 — Pictured: Heather Thomson — Photo by: Michael Rosenthal/Bravo

At this point, it is no question that the Heather and Ramona squabble is a consistent theme throughout the episode. But it’s at Sonja’s party for the launch of her cover of Social Life Magazine that the issue explodes. Ramona makes a backhanded comment to Heather, saying that she likes to be “all inclusive.” Sigh. Ramona, why can’t you just say what’s on your mind? Isn’t your intro to the show “I’m not afraid to say what other people are thinking?” Well how about saying what YOU are thinking? Is it really necessary to drop not-so-subtle hints that you think Heather is being rude by not inviting you to London? You are a grown woman. Just say it.

Knowing full well that she wasn’t going to get anywhere with Heather, Ramona goes to Sonja to talk about the situation. Upon finding out that Sonja was invited and plans on going regardless if Ramona is invited or not, Ramona throws a temper tantrum. Maybe it’s the pinot talking, but nearly smacking Sonja in the head with your wine glass as you berate her for not “supporting” you makes you look childish. This isn’t high school. Sonja is fully capable of making her own decisions. Guzzle down your wine and put a cork in it, Ramona.

Now that we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of the season, the ladies’ true colors are beginning to come out. With the feud between Ramona and Heather far from over, I’m interested to see whether the housewives will be team Ramona or team Heather. Whose side are you on?


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