Make Music Denver
Thursday, June 21 | 8  am – 8 pm
16th Street Mall

Our city is coming alive with the sound of music in honor of the summer solstice. Help celebrate Fête de la Musique, Frances national music holiday, on 16th Street Mall, featuring over 90 bands from genres of country to blues. Music will be heard in places like Writer Square, Starbucks on Tremont, and at the main stage at Skyline Park. Have you ever to wanted to learn guitar? There will be free guitar lessons on 16th and Cleveland. Now this sounds like a perfect summer day. Be sure to join over 450 cities around the world celebrating the great gift of music.


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  1. Pete Vriesenga

    The Denver Musicians Association represents 850 area musicians and we’re boycotting Make Music Denver. The reason is because ALL musicians performing for Make Music Denver MUST work for free as a prerequisite of accepting the engagement.

    The Downtown Denver Partnership represents billions of dollars in member wealth under the guise of four “nonprofit” organizations, yet their CEO and staff collectively earn over $2.3 million/year. Why aren’t they working for free?

    World Music Day is a celebration of music … not a mass exploitation of musicians. There are many other musical and entertainment choices that are far more worthwhile.

    Pete Vriesenga, President
    Denver Musicians Association


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