Today @ The Meadowlark

School music programs are in perpetual danger of getting the axe. If only every state had a band like Flobots looking out for its future axe-wielders. Today’s Meadowlark-hosted pop-up brunch will set you back forty bucks, but its a small price to pay for nourishing your belly and homegrown melody at the same time. Sustenance and karma points aren’t the only pluses either. Libations and live performances–Flobots’ Jonny 5, Wheelchair Sports Camp’s Kalyn Heffernan, Ian Cooke, Melissa Ivey & more–further sweeten the deal. Runny eggs. Bloody Marys. Musical humans and more. To paraphrase the eflyer, you’re going to eat breakfast anyways (unless you happen to be fasting), why not make a difference with your dollars?

George Peele enjoys strapping on height enhancers and aurally ambushing strangers. He is Music Features Editor for Follow Peele on Twitter: @Orangepeelmoses. Avatar image courtesy Jonathan Shoup.