Photo courtesy of Waxing the City

It’s time to prep for that most dreaded time of year again—bathing suit season. And we’re not talking about hitting the gym, ditching the doughnuts and cutting back on beer. We’re talking about something much more important: waxing. Here at 303 we take our tanning seriously, and nothing ruins a good tan like bush lines.

Enter Waxing the City, a Mecca for men and women everywhere who are fighting the good fight against unsightly body hair.

All of the cereologists (read: the women who drip hot wax on you and rip out your hair) go through an additional 40-45 hours of training before they are allowed to work at Waxing the City. Alex Jimenez, one of the owners, says that what really sets her salon apart from others is that her employees have that additional expertise. In fact, Jimenez prides herself so much on her cereologists’ abilities that she runs a separate waxing university, located next to Waxing the City’s LoDo location, to ensure uniform excellence in her salons.

Waxing, be it the bikini area, eyebrows, backs, arms, legs or whatever else you might want hair-free, is all Jimenez’s employees do. So rest assured that these girls have seen it all, and, bonus, Waxing the City offers services for both women and men. Hello manscaping!

But, when you go in for your Brazilian, bikini or what-have-you, be patient.

“We are not the fastest wax, we are the best wax,” Jimenez says. “We want to make sure everything is done really well. We don’t rush through anything.”

So take your pick of glossy gossip mag and settle in. But get ready to leave feeling smooth, sassy and ready to rock that two-piece. After hitting the gym, ditching the doughnuts and cutting back on beer, of course. Or not. Your choice.

Waxing the City

1664 Market Street

Phone: 303-592-2929